Director Renny Harlin: filmography, photo. Top Movies

Director Renny Harlin: filmography, photo. Top Movies
Director Renny Harlin: filmography, photo. Top Movies

Renny Harlin is a Finnish director who chose his profession under the influence of the films of the great Hitchcock, whose style had a direct influence on his work. This talented person is one of the few figures in European cinema who managed to succeed in Hollywood. The audience knows such blockbusters as Climber, Die Hard 2, Long Kiss Goodnight. What film projects of the master are definitely worth seeing?

Renny Harlin's bright debut

The Finnish director is not one of the representatives of this profession who had to wait a long time for their finest hour. As a 27-year-old guy, Renny Harlin presented his first action movie "Born to an American" to the public in 1986. Approximately 3.5 million dollars was spent on the filming of the film, the script was created by the efforts of the master himself and Marcus Selin.

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The main characters of the film project are American students vacationing in Finland.For fun, the guys decide to illegally cross the Russian border, but they become the target of the border guards who discovered them. Students end up in prison, in which their existence turns into a real hell. Renny Harlin was not upset when he learned that the tape was not allowed to be shown in his native Finland. The goal was achieved - in Hollywood they started talking about an aspiring director.

From failure to success

Already in 1987, Renny Harlin, known as the owner of a scandalous reputation, released another work. It becomes the action movie "Prison", in the writing of the script of which the maestro again takes part. The tape tells about the events that took place in 1964, when one of the American prisons ceased to exist as a result of complaints of cruelty from the side of the jailers received from the prisoners.

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Twenty years later, the prison resumes its activities, the once-displaced director again becomes its head. The ghost of a prisoner who was tortured in the past is planning to settle accounts with the tormentor. The cost of filming amounted to 4 million dollars, while the rental brought no more than 400 thousand. However, the failure did not make the creator of the picture give up.

Director Renny Harlin again reminds of himself already in 1988, presenting to the public the sequel "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4". The thriller is among the leaders of the box office, and its creator receives an offer to shoot Die Hard 2, in which Bruce Willis plays the central character. After an action movie earns over 200 at the box officemillion dollars, Rennie is assigned the fame of a blockbuster director.

Best Film Projects

Of course, not all the bright creations of such a director as Renny Harlin are named above. The filmography of the master in 1993 acquired the action movie "Rock Climber", the star of which was the actor Sylvester Stallone, who received the main role. His hero Gabe is given the task of finding five athletes who have disappeared in the mountains as a result of a natural disaster. However, during the search, the climber discovers that he was in the mountains for a reason.

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The Long Kiss Goodnight is another famous action movie that Renny Harlin released in 1996. The main character of the tape is Samantha, who has experienced memory loss in the past. The woman leads an ordinary life as a school teacher, brings up her little daughter and has no idea who she was in the "other" life. However, the past is unlikely to let Samantha go, because she was once among the best agents of the CIA.

Another Harlin's acclaimed work dates back to 2011. The film "5 Days in August" is a military drama about the conflict in South Ossetia. The film project was booed by critics, but gained a lot of fans.

About the director

Renny is a simple guy who was born in March 1959 in Finland, who managed to make a name for himself in record time. It is known that his parents are not related to the world of cinema, the professional activities of the mother and father of the talented director are connected with medicine. Rennie managed to choose a profession back inchildhood, this happened thanks to the mother, who loved to visit cinemas with her children. Harlin made his first short film as a teenager; unfortunately, this work has not been preserved. The director's ex-wife is Geena Davis, who starred in his film The Long Kiss Goodnight.

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These are the most interesting facts about a man like Renny Harlin. A photo of the blockbuster creator can be seen at the beginning of the article.

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