Jacqueline Wilson - biography of the author, books and interesting facts

Jacqueline Wilson - biography of the author, books and interesting facts
Jacqueline Wilson - biography of the author, books and interesting facts

How to tell children about problems such as parental divorce, betrayal, adoption, mental disorders that affect loved ones? An English writer named Jacqueline Wilson can help with this. The books of this author have won many awards, but most importantly, they have helped thousands of children cope with life's troubles. We bring to your attention an overview of the best books by Jacqueline and, of course, information about the writer herself.

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Biography of Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline was born on December 17, 1945. Her homeland is Somerset. Jacqueline Atkin's father (that's what her maiden name sounds like) was a civil servant, and her mother was engaged in antiques. Jacqueline's childhood years were spent in the county of Greater London, in the town of Kingston upon Thames, located at the confluence of the rivers Thames and Iull. Here she attended elementary school. Jacqueline Atkin's teachers recalled that she was a dreamy child, completely ignorant of the exact sciences, and even earned the nickname Jackie the Dreamer. The girl wrote her first story "Meet the Worms" innine years! In twenty-two pages, little Jacqueline told the story of a family with seven children.

When Jacqueline graduated from high school, she was 16 years old. The girl enrolled in courses preparing secretaries, but soon changed her field of activity and got a job in a magazine for girls. By the way, it was because of this that she had to move to Scotland. The move gave Jacqueline not only a job - the girl met love in a new country. Her chosen one was William Millar Wilson, whom she married in 1965. Two years later, the couple had a child - daughter Emma, ​​who followed in her mother's footsteps and became a writer.

Interesting facts

Today, Jacqueline Wilson has about 70 works, including five detective novels. The writer does not like to talk about herself, in interviews she usually says that she is rich enough to be able to buy books and rings for herself, and popular enough that children periodically recognize her and ask for an autograph. It is known that Jacqueline likes black and silver colors, that she never parted with her best friend - a plush rabbit, and always prints her books on an old typewriter.

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World fame

You can learn a lot more about Jacqueline Wilson from books. Almost all of her heroines are ordinary teenage girls, with the help of which the writer answers quite serious questions: Jacqueline talks about her acquaintance with drugs, life in an orphanage, betrayal of her closest people, and much more. In reviews of Jacqueline Wilsonyoung readers admit: the author helps to find answers to those questions that are difficult to discuss even with parents. In addition, the writer does without moralizing, and her language is simple and understandable. Thanks to Jacqueline, more than one thousand girls from all over the world were able to solve problems and find a way out of difficult life situations.

Today, Wilson's books are published in 22 countries (in Russia, books by this author appeared only in 2003). Only in the UK, the circulation of Jacqueline's books amounted to more than ten million copies! According to the works of Jacqueline Wilson, films are made, performances are staged. By the way, there are more than 10 books by Jacqueline on the BBC Top 200 Books list!

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Jacqueline Wilson: book list. "Painted Mom"

Wilson's first book, published in Russia, is "Painted Mom". This story is about a small family: a mother and her two daughters (aged 9 and 13). True, this family is not at all like what is commonly considered a family: just three little girls live under the same roof, the oldest of which is a little over thirty. By the way, she needs guardianship much more than the younger girls - her mother does not have a job, but she has tattoos, and her main friend is alcohol. The atmosphere of the holiday always reigns in the house - it is full of strong drinks and mother's friends. Girls are usually left to themselves, but they have fathers, which means they have the opportunity to start a normal life.

What is this book about? Of course, about moral duty, about betrayal and responsibility. However, the main theme is the duty of parents towith their children. By the way, the story is told from the perspective of a nine-year-old girl.

Girl find

The main character of this story is fourteen-year-old April. Many years ago, on the first of April, she was found in a landfill. The baby’s crib was replaced by a trash can, a pizza box was used as a pillow, and a newspaper replaced the mattress. However, all these years, April, who lives in a foster family, comes up with thousands of excuses for her own mother, who left her. On her 14th birthday, the girl decides to go in search and understand what made her parents abandon her.

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Bad Girls

One of Jacqueline Wilson's best books is Bad Girls. The main character named Mandy is deeply unhappy: her mother forbids her to dress like other girls at school, fashionistas classmates mock her, and her best friend betrays Mandy. Everything changes when Mandy meets the fearless and cheerful Tanya. Only now, the mother again does not accept the girl's choice: she forbids being friends with Tanya, assuring that there can be no good girl from the orphanage, who, moreover, wears shoes with dizzying heels and uses various “words”. Jacqueline Wilson talks about overprotection and its consequences, child bullying and much more.

Biography Jacqueline Wilson

Girl Series

What is Wilson's "Girls" tetralogy? These are very witty and extremely touching stories about three girlfriends. The first book - "Girls in search of love" - ​​was published in 1997, a year later the book appearedJacqueline Wilson Girls and Fashion. In 1999, the writer published Girls Staying Late, and in 2002, Girls in Tears appeared in bookstores around the world.

The main characters of the series are Magda, Ellie and Nadine. The girls are completely different from each other. Magda, for example, simply cannot imagine her life without new acquaintances with boys, although usually they only upset her. Nadine's lifelong dream is to shoot for a fashion magazine. To fulfill her dream, the girl does everything possible, but it does not bring her pleasure. Ellie has the most problems. In general, she is a talented and serious girl. However, there is something that poisons her life - excess weight. It is because of him that Ellie has a huge number of complexes. To get rid of fullness, the girl begins to refuse food and even deliberately induces vomiting! Of course, all this leads to serious illness. Fortunately, Ellie's parents, teachers and friends come to help Ellie in time.

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Who is this book for? Literary critics say: tetralogy is perfect for teenage girls who need understanding and wise advice. Jacqueline says that the desire to lose weight can turn into dangerous diseases, handsome princes are not always stylishly dressed and appear in magnificent cars. Books about girlfriends can be read in any order, because they are not a continuation of each other.

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