Alexander Khloponin: biography, political career, personal life

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Alexander Khloponin: biography, political career, personal life
Alexander Khloponin: biography, political career, personal life

The famous figure was born on March 6, 1965 in Colombo (Sri Lanka). At the moment he is fifty-three years old, his zodiac sign is Pisces. Alexander Khloponin is a Russian statesman. He works as Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation. In addition, Khloponin is an official dollar millionaire who entered the top ten Forbes. Marital status - married, have children.

Biography of Alexander Khloponin

In the spring of 1965, Alexander's parents left for Colombo, where the future statesman was later born. Khloponin's father worked as a committee translator at the Foreign Ministry. This was the main reason for the departure of the family. Papa Alexander Gennadievich is Russian by nationality, and his mother is Jewish.

biography of Alexander Khloponin

The future Deputy Prime Minister was not kept away from Russia for a whole year. So, in the summer he rested with his parents in Ceylon, and the rest of the time he lived with his grandmother in Moscow. When the boy grew up, his relatives decided to enroll him in an elite special school, which was located not far from the Opera House. Classroom activitieswere held in foreign languages.

Training and army

After the young man received his secondary education, he, on the recommendation of his father, applied to the local financial institution. Alexander also chose the direction of study on the instructions of the head of the family - international economic relations.

In many interviews, Khloponin Alexander Gennadievich said that it was very difficult to get into this higher educational institution. Even profitable acquaintances could not help students get a chance to study at this institute. There was fierce competition.

The future diplomat graduated from the first course and went to serve in the army for two years. Khloponin gave his duty to his homeland in the infantry troops in the south of Ukraine. After demobilization, Alexander returned to the institute and continued to gnaw at the granite of science. Andrey Kozlov (financier) and Mikhail Prokhorov became his course comrades. The friends graduated in 1989.

Career start

After completing his studies at the institute, the young man got a job in the credit department of the Soviet Vnesheconombank by distribution. But after a while he will leave his post and go into the field of finance. This time Alexander was offered a good job by his former classmate Mikhail Prokhorov. Together with Vladimir Potanin, he headed the IFC, where Khloponin was invited. Here Alexander acted as deputy.

Two years later, Khloponin became the manager of MFK Bank. In 1996 he was appointed president. In the same year, Khloponin was offered the position of managing joint-stock company Norilsk Nickel.

Political activities

The beginning of a career as a statesman in the field of politics begins in 1990. At this time, Alexander Khloponin became a member of the board of directors of Norilsk Nickel, as well as the financial institution ONEXIM-Bank. His colleague Potanin decided to help Khloponin move into state power.

Alexander Khloponin

In 2001, Alexander was appointed governor of Taimyr. For all the time he worked in this place, the politician increased the budget four times. In 2002, the statesman will be elected to the post of governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In the pre-election voting, Alexander won against his opponent in the second round.

In 2010, Alexander Khloponin had to leave the post of governor. At that time, President Dmitry Medvedev decided to promote the official and appoint him Deputy Prime Minister of the North Caucasus District.

After a while, people began to rejoice that Alexander Gennadievich replaced his predecessor. Unemployment and corruption have decreased in the Okrug, repairs to the air port in Minvody have been completed, and the first all-season ski resort has opened.

Private life

When Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin studied at the institute, he met his future wife Natalia Kuparadze. She is Georgian by nationality and also studied at this educational institution. Later, Natalia admitted that she drew attention to Alexander because of his masculinity. After serving in the army, he matured noticeably.

wife of Alexander Khloponin

Romantic relationship between young people began when they worked in the construction team. Soon Alexander and Natalia got married. The couple had a daughter, Lyuba. At one time the girl was a student in London. However, without completing her studies, she returned to Moscow. In her homeland, Lyubov Alexandrovna entered the institute where her father had previously studied.

personal life of Alexander Khloponin

The daughter of influential parents married a guy who studied at the Financial Academy. Father-in-law appointed Nikita Shashkin as his assistant. Soon he helped him become deputy head of the North Caucasus Resorts joint-stock company. A large family of a politician lives near Moscow in the village of Zhukovka.

The wife of Alexander Khloponin is fond of interior design and architecture. The official himself is a lover of classical music. In addition, he enjoys riding a motorcycle, playing football, hockey and chess.

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