Model Camila Alves is Matthew McConaughey's wife

Model Camila Alves is Matthew McConaughey's wife
Model Camila Alves is Matthew McConaughey's wife

Popular actor Matthew McConaughey and model Camila Alves recently celebrated another anniversary. For 10 years of marriage, they managed to do quite a lot. The spouses consider their beloved children to be their most important achievements, and the couple has three of them. And if a lot of facts are known about the life of an actor, then the public knows practically nothing about his beautiful wife Camila Alves. In the article you will get acquainted with the biography of the model, learn about her acquaintance with Matthew, as well as about her self-realization in the modeling business.


Camila was born in 1982 in Brazil. Her father was a farmer who loved to travel. This passion was subsequently passed on to his daughter. The girl's mother was a designer. Her love of fashion was also passed on to her daughter. In general, her family was quite prosperous and lived a calm, measured life. However, when Alves was 15 years old, the passion for long trips passed down from his father made itself felt. Camila decided to go to visit her own aunt, who lived in sunny LosAngeles. The young girl liked life in the United States of America so much that she decided to stay here. But isn't it madness to remain in a country without knowledge of the language and citizenship? Camila considered that these difficulties were temporary, and by overcoming them, she would be able to succeed.

Life in America

Staying in Los Angeles, the girl immediately realized that in order to live in abundance, you need to work hard and hard here. She did not shy away from dirty work, so she took on any paid occupation. She worked as a waitress in cheap eateries, and as a cleaner in disadvantaged and dangerous areas of the city. Despite the lack of knowledge of the English language, she decided to start learning it by all means. Working and learning the language, Camila managed to gradually escape from monstrous poverty and get closer to her main goal. And her goal was to live the "American way of life".

Model Camila Alves

Model work

Hardworking Camila Alves has a very spectacular appearance. Growing up, the girl herself began to notice that outwardly she fully corresponded to all model parameters, so she wanted to try herself in the world of fashion and beauty. At the age of 19, Camila decided to move to New York. Luck smiled at the girl with good external data almost immediately. She was noticed, and the endless casting race, in which most aspiring models participate, bypassed her.

Camila Alves model

Camila Alves began to be invited to fashion shows ascatwalk model, as well as various photo shoots, offered work in advertising. Brazilian beauty finally got what she wanted.

Own business

Despite her obvious success in the modeling business, Camila wanted something more. And then in 2005 she decided to join her mother's design business. The big name of Alves and the talent of her mother made it possible to create a personal brand Muxo. Together they were engaged in the development and creation of original handmade bags. Women wanted their bags to combine convenience and sexuality. The result was highly acclaimed by critics. Alves bags sold like hot cakes.

Meet Matthew

In 2006, the already popular Brazilian model and newly minted designer Camila decided to celebrate her birthday in a big way in a luxury restaurant in Los Angeles. By chance, the conqueror of women's hearts, the handsome actor Matthew McConaughey, was in the same place. Young people saw each other, and sympathy broke out between them. After exchanging phone numbers, they parted ways. But not for long, because they soon met again, and then they began a romantic relationship.

Relationship with future husband

Personal life Camila Alves became the property of the tabloids. It seems that only the lazy at that time did not write that the heartthrob Matthew found the love of his life. However, it was the truth.

Camila Alves

The actor himself, giving an interview, spoke about his new passion with such trepidation and tenderness that no one had any doubtsabout the sincerity of their feelings. In 2008, a joyful event happened in their family - the couple had a boy who was given the unusual name Levi. McConaughey was just beside himself with happiness, but he was in no hurry to marry the mother of his baby.

Birth of a daughter and another son

Two years after the birth of their first child, Brazilian model Camila Alves gave the actor a second child - daughter Vida. The press incessantly discussed why Matthew never made a marriage proposal to his beloved. And only a year after Vida was born, he invited the model to marry him. The wedding was scheduled for the summer of 2012. The celebration was quite magnificent and loud. And after 6 months it turned out that on the wedding day, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves already knew that they would have a third child. Son Levingston was born at the end of 2012.

Matthew McConaughey family

Today Camila is engaged in raising children and modeling career. She enjoys taking part in filming and fashion shows.

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