Alsu's daughters: what are the girls' names

Alsu's daughters: what are the girls' names
Alsu's daughters: what are the girls' names

The daughters of the singer Alsou have long been guarded by their parents from the annoying press. Their photos have appeared in various publications recently. The age difference between these two wonderful girls, whose mother is a famous Russian singer, is only a year and a half.

Singer Alsou. Short biography

Alsu Safina (Abramova) is a famous singer and aspiring actress.

She was born in 1983, June 27, in the small old town of Bugulma (Tatarstan). Today she is an honorary citizen of her homeland. Her nationality is Tatar, her faith is Muslim.

Alsou's daughters

The singer's father, Ralif Rafilovich Safin (Bashkir by nationality), is not the last in the Lukoil corporation, but her mother, Raziya Iskhakovna (Tatar), is an architect by profession and a housewife. Alsou was not the only child in the family. She also has two brothers - Marat (older) and Renard (younger).

At a young age, the girl had to move with her parents, due to the need for her father's work, to the city of Kogalym, Tyumen Region. She lived there until the age of 9, and then they moved to Moscow.

In Russia, in total, she studied for only three years at a regular school, then began studying piano at a music school. To London their whole familyleft in 1993. There Alsou continued her studies at an art college. The main subjects taught there are mathematics, business and drawing.

Professional success

There were many good moments in the life of the singer in terms of creativity. Alsou's daughters can be proud of their famous and successful mother. In 1999, her first wonderful video with the song "Winter Dream" was released on television (the director of the music video is Y. Grymov). It also starred famous actors - E. Yakovleva and S. Makovetsky.

In the same year, the still very young Alsou was the first Russian singer who signed a long-term contract with the world-famous company Universal, which was scheduled to release seven albums in English.

In 2000 at the international song festival "Eurovision" 16-year-old, very young, the singer represented Russia. The competition was held in Stockholm (Sweden). She was one of the youngest participants in the history of Eurovision. Russia that year for the first time in history took the honorable 2nd place. In the same year, Alsou, in a duet with the world star Enrique Iglesias, recorded his work You're My No. 1.

Alsu Safina's personal life

In 2006, the singer got married. Her fiancé was Yan Rafaelevich Abramov (born 1977), chairman of the New Weapons Technologies company. He comes from Baku.

What are the names of Alsu's daughters

His father is a banker Rafael Yakovlevich Abramov. He is Vice President of the Moscow Basketball Association, Chairman of the Local Credit Bank.

A celebration attended by the entirehigh society, it was very magnificent and on a huge scale, as is customary in such circles of society. The marriage certificate was obtained from Mayor Yuri Luzhkov himself.

There were a huge number of gifts from parents and guests of the celebration: money, real estate, cars and all kinds of jewelry.

The young people spent their honeymoon in the Fiji archipelago.

Changes in family composition

Daughter Alsou brought wonderful changes to family life. In the United States in 2006, the first daughter of the Abramovs was born in September. This joyful event took place at the private medical clinic Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

In April 2008, the second daughter was born, but already in Tel Aviv. Doctors of the Ichilov clinic took delivery of a Russian singer.

Alsu's daughters: photo. The release of star children into the world

The Russian pop star, who celebrated her 30th birthday a couple of years ago (born in 1983), did not show her beloved daughters to the public for a long time.

Alsou's daughters, photo

For the first time, she showed photos of her girls in one of the episodes of the Evening Urgant program. In this program, she was present along with the girls' father, husband Yan Abramov. Alsou's daughters were introduced here. They brought a family photo with them.

According to the singer, they did not show their babies before, because, having matured a little, the children themselves had to decide whether to show them to the public or not. Now the time has come. The children themselves wanted to.

Girl names: meaning

What are the names of Alsou's daughters? Their names are unusual, rare.

The oldest ofthe daughters of the singer's parents called the beautiful name of Safina. She was named after her grandfather, the singer's father, who helped her become a star. Safina is almost nine years old. In general, the name Safin is Arabic. It speaks of such qualities of a person as modesty, gentleness, tenderness, poise and at the same time impulsiveness.

The youngest daughter also has an attractive exotic and ancient name - Mikella. He was chosen by his parents for two weeks. Although initially her father wanted to give her the name Yanina, in his honor. His wife was against this name.

Daughters of the singer Alsou

Alsu's daughters are lovely in their own way, but they are different.

Mikella looks very similar to her mother, and by temperament she is a fire (nimble, loud and talks a lot). Her favorite pastime is to sing and be always in the center of everyone's attention.

Safina is outwardly similar to her father, but according to her parents, she is closer to her mother in character - very calm and quite balanced.

The goal of parents is to grow personalities out of girls, especially since they already have the makings for this. Alsou's daughters already like to argue with their parents on various issues (according to the mother herself), believing that they are already adults and have their own right to vote.

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