Quotes about a beautiful life are not a dogma, but a guide

Quotes about a beautiful life are not a dogma, but a guide
Quotes about a beautiful life are not a dogma, but a guide

There are several ways to improve your life. For example, take quotes about a beautiful life, learn by heart and be guided by them in achieving goals. Why about a beautiful life? But even the classic, through the mouth of Prince Myshkin, said: "Beauty will save the world …". This refers to spiritual beauty, expressed primarily in good deeds. Love is not a feeling, love is a state. It is not necessary to love everyone you meet and cross, but to lend a helping hand to those who are suffering (if possible) - this is love.

How to make life more beautiful?

Every person is the blacksmith of his own happiness. In life, any of us is able to make life more beautiful every day. For example, you can clean the entrance of your house, fix the swing on the playground, plant flowers, sweep in the temple, which serves as a place of salvation for Christians.

Quotes of great people about life just help you navigate in various life situations. The Strugatsky brothers wrote that not everyone is given to be a kind person, this is the same talent as an ear for music or clairvoyance, only more rare.

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Quotes about the beautiful life of philosophers and scientists affect lifea person not only in everyday life, but also in relationships with people. One famous saying of Socrates says that money can buy medicine, but not he alth, food, but not appetite, bed, but not sleep, entertainment, but not joy, teachers, but not intelligence, shoes, but not happiness.

Be a slave or be free

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, the greatest Russian writer, all his life, in his own words, "squeezed a slave out of himself." Therefore, it is not surprising that the words belong to him: “Everything in a person should be beautiful: the face, and clothes, and the soul, and thoughts…”.

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This is what Dr. Astrov from the play "Uncle Vanya" says. According to the writer, the beauty and meaning of life lies in work and good deeds.

Quotes about a beautiful life in relation to society

If the ideology of the state is the Christian religion, it will survive in any situation. This can be seen in the example of Russia, which has been under the Mongol-Tatar yoke for three hundred years. The Russian people then saved their lives according to the Gospel and the Orthodox Church, which expressed the idea that the yoke is God's punishment for an unrighteous life, necessary for humility of the spirit.

If in Soviet times many people still had an ideology, they believed in a happy future, justice, brotherhood, and so on, then modern people ("quotes about a beautiful life" by Zizek) have a simple ideology: do not believe in great ideas, enjoy life, be attentive to yourself. Life at the same time - it's ownpleasure, money, power, preference.

the meaning of the quote

That is, a generation of consumers is growing, for whom the main thing is comfort and their own ambitions. Humanity, in fact, has two choices:

  • Live according to divine laws, that is, love your neighbors and help people.
  • Try to survive at all costs.

The second way is more suitable for animals, when in the process of evolution the strongest of them survive, and the weak die. For people who have not yet lost their human face, the first path is the norm. Ideology is needed to unite a society that will not survive without solidarity, without care for the infirm and the elderly.

"The greatest victory is the victory over your negative thinking" - said Socrates, and the meaning of the quote is the transformation of the human soul, which must be improved from year to year, and better from day to day.

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