A person's superpower begins with the ability to understand other people

A person's superpower begins with the ability to understand other people
A person's superpower begins with the ability to understand other people

We all know that there are people with superpowers, and we believe that this is an innate talent given by nature to individuals. But is it? After all, there is another opinion that is rarely voiced. It is expressed in the fact that everyone has superhuman abilities, but they do not always manifest themselves.

We don't know how to use them, because we manage with a simple set of lower levels of the mental system. Those who want to use the higher mental centers in their activities do not always succeed because there is another important link that has also lost its relevance, and therefore does not allow breaking through to a higher level. It is also known that a person's superpower is reborn when he aspires to it.

In order to understand this issue, consider as an example the hero of Patrick Jane's series "The Mentalist" - John Kreskin. He has outstanding qualities and helps investigators unravel crimes. We are accustomed to calling a person’s superpower the term “extrasensory perception”, which is difficult for our language. But the filmmakers refused to do so.words, because they believe that their hero does not belong to this category of especially gifted people. They called him a "mentalist" - an individual who independently developed his consciousness to a higher level.

Human superpower

Perhaps this is due to the desire to abandon the stereotype already established in cinema that a person’s superpower appears only as a result of some kind of injury, shock, lightning strike, accident, exposure to high electrical voltage. Americans do not believe in these fairy tales. Their mind is so rational that they consider such especially gifted people to be swindlers, and in most cases this is true. But the Americans admit that everyone can rise to a higher level if they wish. And people believe this, because there are such phenomena as suggestion, hypnosis, influence on the mass consciousness and the like.

Human superpowers

Our Russian people still lived in communal apartments and believed in a brighter future. He believes even now - the past teaches us badly. Therefore, we also believe that a person's superpower can be developed, but we do not know how.

The creators of the film "The Mentalist" believe that their hero has achieved remarkable results in this. He has a particularly sharp mind, he is able to inspire, hypnotize and impose his will, read other people's thoughts and infiltrate the minds of other people. Moreover, their hero himself made himself so.

The first and main skill he needed for this was understanding. It turns out that learning it is not easy. Wewe rarely understand each other. When the interlocutor says something to us, then most often we just wait for the moment when the time comes to speak to us. The film shows that we live in a society, but have no desire to understand each other. And superpowers begin with this quality.

People with superpowers

Why is it so hard for us to understand other people?

First, because to do this, we need to overcome the power of our selfishness and force ourselves to listen, even when what we are told does not fit into our beliefs.

Secondly, because we have not developed a desire to understand other people, there is no sincere interest in others.

Only those who know how to listen and understand can overcome the central links of the psychic system and reach the highest level, and this is not so easy to learn. For example, the hero of the film had to work on himself for sixty years.

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