Eduardo da Silva is Shakhtar's Brazilian striker

Eduardo da Silva is Shakhtar's Brazilian striker
Eduardo da Silva is Shakhtar's Brazilian striker

Eduardo da Silva is a big celebrity for football fans. He is a first-class forward, but fans love him not only for his style of play, but also because he is a man who was able to recover from a terrible injury.

Career start

The future world football star was born in Rio de Janeiro. Eduardo da Silva, whose biography is of interest to all fans of beautiful football today, was fond of this sport from an early age. In his native Brazil, he played for the Nova Kennedy youth club.

Eduardo da Silva

When Eduardo was fifteen years old, his family moved to Croatia for permanent residence. The da Silva family settled in Zagreb. The young man resumed playing football at the local Dynamo school. After some time, the young footballer was rented by the Bangu club, where he defended his honor for a year. After the lease expired, Eduardo da Silva returned to Dynamo and signed a full contract with the club.

After some time, the football player was again loaned to the local club "Inter", where he showed himself in the best way, scoring 10 goals in 15 meetings. With2004–2007 Eduardo plays for Dynamo for three seasons (2004, 2006, 2007), he is recognized as the best player in the national championship. This is not surprising, because in the last year spent at the club, he scored 34 goals in 32 matches.


In 2007, Eduardo da Silva was bought by the English club Arsenal for 7.5 million pounds. One of Europe's most promising players made his Arsenal debut against Blackburn Rovers. He proved himself excellently and by the end of the season he was playing in the first team. In five months as part of the English club, Eduardo scored 5 goals, made several assists and earned a pen alty. The footballer's career skyrocketed. Everything ended in the match against Birmingham.

Eduardo da Silva injured

In the next match of his club, Eduardo entered the game as usual, in the first team. Meeting with “Birmingham” promised to be tense and interesting. In the third minute of the game, da Silva took possession of the ball and headed for the opponent's goal. At this moment, the defender of the English club Martin Taylor tried to stop him. The tackle of the opponent da Silva turned out to be sharp, unsuccessful. At full speed, he ran his straight leg into the Croat's ankle. In the same second, the striker's leg turned into a bloody mess of muscles and bones. The Croatian fell, his foot was practically torn off from the ankle. Eduardo da Silva lost consciousness and hardly remembers the moment of the collision. Doctors made a disappointing diagnosis - a double fracture of the ankle.

Eduardo da Silva injury

For a footballer, this is almost a sentence, you can forget about a career. Due to an injury, he missed the European Championship, and the Croatian national team lost to Turkey in the 1/4 finals. It took the striker almost a year to recover and return to the lawn again. In an interview, Eduardo thanked the English doctors. Such an injury, without prompt medical attention, could have cost him his foot.

Martin Taylor after the ill-fated match rushed to the hospital and asked for forgiveness from the Croat. To the surprise of the offender, Eduardo accepted the apology, behaved calmly and treated the Englishman with understanding.

February 16, 2009, Eduardo celebrated his football birth. He was able to play again, despite the disappointing forecasts of doctors. In his first match against Cardiff City since the break, the forward scored a goal in the twentieth minute of the game. The footballer did not last until the final whistle, the injury made itself felt, and yet he re-signed a long-term contract with Arsenal in 2009.


In July 2010, Eduardo da Silva signed a four-year contract with Shakhtar Donetsk club. Mircea Lucescu drew attention to the talented Brazilian at the beginning of his career. The cost of the football player remained unknown to the public due to a non-disclosure agreement between the clubs. Four years in the Donetsk club Eduardo played with full dedication.

Eduardo da Silva biography

Thanks to his assists and regular hits in the opponent's goal, Mircea Lucescu's teamseveral times became the Champion of Ukraine. In 2014, Eduardo stopped working with Shakhtar, and a year later he returned as a free agent.

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