The state of Cristiano Ronaldo. Interesting facts about the football player

The state of Cristiano Ronaldo. Interesting facts about the football player
The state of Cristiano Ronaldo. Interesting facts about the football player

Cristiano Ronaldo is a popular Portuguese football player. Now he plays as a striker in the Spanish club Real Madrid. The financial condition of Cristiano Ronaldo is estimated at 82 million euros per year. Plus, he actively advertises various brands, for which he also receives a lot of money.

Football player biography

The future football player was born on February 5, 1985. The father gave this name to the boy in honor of Ronald Reagan, who was the 40th President of the United States of America. Cristiano was not the only child in the family. He was fourth. His older brother's name is Ugu, and his sisters are Elma and Liliana. One of the sisters, namely Liliana Katya, is popular as a singer.

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Cristiano Ronaldo's mother's name is Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, and his father's name is Jose Dinis Aveiro. He worked at a local football club called Andorinha. The work of the father contributed to the fact that the sons became interested in football, and one of them connected with this game all his life. Cristiano Ronaldo still remembers the soccer ball he gave him for Christmas. This present is still preserved and is one of the most expensive and symbolic gifts.

Brothers constantlyorganized football games in the vicinity of their hometown, and Ronaldo, who was given the nickname "Kluivert", was one of the best. At the age of eight, he began playing in the children's team of the local Andorinha club.

The beginning of a football career

From an early age, namely from the age of eight, little Ronaldo was involved in the Andorinha football team, in the same place where the father of the future popular and rich football player worked. Then the boy played in the local Nacional club, but a few years later he already had the honor of getting into the youth academy of the Lisbon Sporting. In 2001, Ronaldo made his debut against Atlético Madrid when he came on as a substitute and scored a goal.

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Excellent speed, technique, physical data have become the main advantage of a football player on the playing field. Ronaldo's results began to attract a huge number of coaches who dreamed of getting a talented athlete into their team. As for the parameters of a rich footballer, Cristiano's height is 186 centimeters, and his weight is 73 kilograms.

Big football

When the future star celebrated her majority, the most popular football club Manchester United arrived in Portugal for a training camp. The match against the Lisbon "Sporting" still lost. Ronaldo played a key role in this. It is not at all surprising that after a while Cristiano was taken to an English football club. Manchester United paid £12.24m for the new talent. And since 2003, Ronaldo has beenplay for Manchester United. It was symbolic that the young man immediately received a T-shirt at number 7. After all, previous great football players also wore T-shirts at number seven. Cristiano, of course, realized that this was a great honor for him. He did not let his team down and was able to fully justify the hopes placed on him.

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Representatives of the football club, watching the debut matches of Ronaldo, never doubted the correctness of their choice. After a short period of time, the guy was recognized as the best young football player of the year. His virtuoso game helped the club to win in the most difficult matches. In 2008, Cristiano Ronaldo, now worth millions, became team captain. The very first game as club captain was against Bolton Wanderers. And this very match turned Ronaldo into a club record holder. Before this event, only George Best was able to score 32 goals in a season. Slowly, the football player got to the title of the best player in the club. It was in Manchester United that he was awarded his first significant awards - he received the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball.

Transition to a new football club

Then the promising player Ronaldo was bought by the Spanish football club Real. He paid 80 million pounds for the athlete. This move to the Spanish club made Ronaldo the highest paid footballer in the world. When he left the English club, he spoke warmly of his mentor. He deeply thanked Alex Ferguson for facilitatinghis development and made him a real professional player.

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In this club, Ronaldo also showed tremendous success. All critics noted its excellent capabilities. After all, this is a universal player, it doesn’t matter for him which foot to score a goal with. This is a great characteristic for a football player. After all, he can adapt to any situation during the game. On September 30, 2015, Ronaldo scored his 500th career goal. He also became the best striker in the club again.

Cristiano Ronaldo's huge fortune

At the moment, Ronaldo tops all the lists of the richest football players in the world. He was even put on the Forbes list. His collaboration with various brands brings the footballer an income in the millions. The financial condition of Cristiano Ronaldo is of interest to many journalists and fans, because a football player often buys himself expensive luxurious mansions, etc. But Ronaldo never names the figure of his salary. It is worth noting that advertising in social networks, which is placed on the pages of Ronaldo, costs $144,000.

Private life

Cristiano Ronaldo, whose we alth, of course, attracts various girls to his person, has a very bright appearance, which doubly attracts beauties. The personal life of an athlete is filled with rumors and gossip. He is called a real ladies' man and a seducer of women's hearts.

financial condition of cristiano ronaldo

Nereida Gallardo, who is engaged in the modeling business, was also seen insociety of Ronaldo. The football player introduced the model to his parents, and she, in turn, introduced him to hers. But, unfortunately, Cristiano and Nereida soon broke up, because the footballer switched to a Spaniard - Letizia Filippi. The football player and Filippi began a love affair.

In the wide list of former mistresses of Cristiano Ronaldo, there is also Paris Hilton, who is also a model and runs her own business. Since 2010, the athlete has maintained a relationship with the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, but in January 2015 the couple broke up. As it became known, the footballer is raising an illegitimate child - Ronaldo Jr., who is completely supported by his father. But his mother's name has not been released. On June 8, 2017, a footballer on the west coast of the United States had twins, the children were named Eva and Matthew. The mother's name is also unknown.

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