Weather and climate of the Stavropol Territory

Weather and climate of the Stavropol Territory
Weather and climate of the Stavropol Territory

The climate of the Stavropol Territory differs from the weather conditions in other regions of the Russian Federation. The region is located on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus, in the central part of Ciscaucasia. The region consists of uplands and steppes. There are many minerals here, including oil, natural gas, and various minerals. The peculiarity and richness of the animal and plant world, the saturation of soils, numerous hydrogeography - all this depends on the climate prevailing in the region.

Climate resources

The climate of the Stavropol Territory is temperate continental. Air masses come from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Climatic conditions in the region are determined by a combination of factors. Clear and cold weather here is provided by air currents from Siberia and Kazakhstan; windy and cloudy - by the Atlantic; heat and dryness - the tropical air of Iran.A typical feature of the Stavropol climate is strong wind currents. Precipitation is unevenly distributed over the regions of the region, because different relief is adjacent here - mountainous terrain and steppes. In the mountains, there is more precipitation and the air temperature is lower than in the flat areas.

climate of the Stavropol Territory

The climate of the Stavropol Territory differs markedly by regions. This should be taken into account if tourists are going to travel. Even in summer, the air in the rainy season does not warm up above 25 degrees. Precipitation moves in the region from south to north. In general, the climate here is comfortable. Maximum clean air combined with mild winters and moderate summers. What could be better for an active wellness holiday?

Relief features

The climate of the Stavropol Territory depends entirely on the location of the territory. The region is a hill, which in the east passes into the Nogai steppe. In the north, the plain gradually turns into the Kuma-Manych depression. The foothills are famous for the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and Mount Beshtau. There are large deposits of geothermal waters. Air humidity determines a large amount of water resources. The region has many rivers and few lakes.

what is the climate in the stavropol region


The climate and relief of the Stavropol Territory are interconnected. Weather conditions are favorable for the comfortable life of the population, as well as tourism. In winter, the air temperature here does not fall below -5 degrees on the plain, and in summer it does not reach an absolute maximum.The Caucasus Mountains provide moderation and optimal humidity, which changes during the seasons. In the mountains, the air in winter reaches a peak of -10 degrees. In general, the weather in the region is ideal for living. Temperatures fluctuate slightly throughout the seasons. The uniqueness of the relief ensures the stability of weather conditions. In the Stavropol Territory, the climate has created ideal conditions for a measured life, sanatorium treatment, and the development of agriculture.

climate and relief of the Stavropol Territory


The article has already talked about what type of climate is typical for the Stavropol Territory. Residents of Siberia and the central regions of the country may envy the inhabitants of Stavropol a little. Winter here is short and mild. The temperature rarely drops below five degrees. In the mountains, the air is cleaner and colder, which is quite natural. Winter in the Stavropol Territory is characterized by instability. The cold season starts in December. Snowy weather is not uncommon, but snow does not linger on the streets for long.

what type of climate is typical for the Stavropol Territory

Sharp warming often turns winter into early spring. However, despite the temperate continental climate, Stavropol is not immune from a sharp cold snap. A record low air temperature of -38 degrees was set here. Most often, cold snaps come in January - early February. Such sudden changes in weather patterns are not sustainable. In the winter season, strong winds help to feel the frost.


The weather and climate of the Stavropol Territory in late winter and early spring delight local residents with moderation. The only negative is that the transition to another season can be accompanied by powerful winds, the gusts of which reach from 30 to 40 meters per second. However, there is no need to despair, because the Mediterranean wind brings warm air masses and, accordingly, spring to the region. Gradually increasing heat quickly awakens nature. In March, the air temperature warms up to +3 degrees.

the climate of the stavropol region briefly

In April, stability (+8 and +10 degrees) strengthens the position of spring. The month of May in the Stavropol Territory is no longer subject to the vagaries of nature - the air temperature reaches +15 degrees. The ideal weather conditions of spring influence landscaping. The Stavropol Territory blooms and is full of life already in mid-March. It is difficult to trace the border between winter and spring. Often in the territory, winter turns into a slushy spring, so it starts earlier than planned.


Summer season can not be called hot. Its calm temperate character is favored by the climate of the Stavropol Territory. Briefly, summer can be described as follows: it is rainy. The amount of precipitation in the region is maximum and increases towards the middle of the season. July accounts for most of the precipitation. Tourists do not have to wait for the heat of 40 degrees. Extremely high air temperatures in the region are rare, as is severe frost. If the air warms up to a high mark, such weather does not last long. Precipitation in the region falls in the form of showers with strong thunderstorms. Mediumthe temperature in summer is between +22 and +25 degrees.

weather and climate of the Stavropol Territory

The absolute maximum +44 was registered in the region. Such weather is established for a short period of time, but becomes the cause of drought, dry winds. Heat quickly evaporates precipitation, especially if warm air masses join it. In general, summer in the Stavropol Territory is pleasant, mild, not too hot, but not cold either. For people who cannot stand the heat and severe frost, the climate of the region is ideal.


The soft sea air of the Mediterranean Sea sets favorable weather conditions in the autumn period on the territory of the region. A perfect autumn is what the region offers along with he alth resorts. The temperature in September-October is lower than in summer, but sunny, clear weather and the absence of frosts favor the comfortable life of the local population. The autumn season in the Stavropol Territory is drier. Precipitation is decreasing and rainfall is on the decline. In October, the average air temperature is +10 degrees. In September it is slightly higher.

Humidity in the region does not reach its peak in autumn, but is measured and constant. The autumn months are a very favorable period for the development of agriculture. The changeable climate, the Caucasus Mountains, the proximity of the seas - all this affects the weather conditions in the region. It cannot be said that they are ideal, especially for weather-sensitive people. Variability, inconstancy can adversely affect well-being. Despite this, autumn in the region, asand other seasons, beautiful even with the vagaries of the weather.

Climate of the Stavropol Territory by regions


What is the climate in the Stavropol Territory? This question is asked by the majority of tourists who decide to spend their holidays in an amazing, amazingly beautiful region. Due to the fact that the region is located in the European part, in the south of the country, in the summer and autumn season the air here warms up to high levels. Unlike the central regions, summer in Stavropol comes in early May, and local residents meet spring in February. Of course, the weather is also changeable. Despite this, summers in the region are consistently warm, but with maximum precipitation that occurs during the season.

When comparing Stavropol with the Krasnodar Territory or the Rostov Region, the region is much colder. The Stavropol Territory is famous for its recreational resources. There are reserves, natural monuments, zoological, botanical gardens, resorts of Mineralnye Vody. It is called an eco-resort region. Tourists receive not only rest, but also recovery. This is facilitated by the mild, favorable weather of the Stavropol Territory and unique natural conditions.

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