Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich: biography of a children's writer

Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich: biography of a children's writer
Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich: biography of a children's writer

In professional literature, the children's writer Sergei Anatolyevich Ivanov is remembered as the creator of school stories. All his works are filled with kindness and warmth. Eduard Uspensky highly appreciated the author's work and called him "childish Dostoevsky". But, unlike him, Ivanov's works were extremely bright, although a little sad. It was precisely such psychological and thoughtful creations that Sergey Anatolyevich Ivanov created.

Ivanov Sergey Anatolievich

Writer's biography

Ivanov was a unique children's writer, Soviet poet and screenwriter. He was born in 1941 on July 17 in Moscow. He studied well, after school he entered the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after V.I. Lenin at the faculty of defectology. Already in his college years, he showed a craving for literature. He takes an active part in the release of the student wall newspaper. He writes reviews of works, publishes poems of his own composition and parodies of other people's creations. As Sergey Anatolyevich liked to joke later, it was participation in the issue of a wall newspaper that was a real test of his literary talent, it was a kind of literary institute.

As they rememberhis friends, Seryozha was a very kind, vulnerable and shy person, even when he became famous.

Children's writer Sergei Anatolyevich Ivanov

After graduating from the institute, as it was supposed to be before, he was assigned to one of the provincial towns to work in his speci alty. It was thanks to the experience of working in a school for children with a speech impediment that he learned a lot, which later came in handy in his work.

First publications

The very first works published by Sergei Anatolyevich Ivanov were small children's stories and poems of his own composition. He published in children's magazines. At this time, he was the secretary of the Central Committee, from where they sent the novice writer to work in children's printed magazines. The most famous at that time were "Bonfire", "Murzilka" and "Pioneer".

In 1971, his first book was published - a collection of children's poems called "Forest Workshop", which was highly appreciated by teachers and critics. From that time on, he decides to write only for children and about children.

Ivanov Sergey Anatolievich books

Ivanov's professionalism

Literary professionalism came to the author when he was thirty, after releasing a collection of short stories "Bread and Snow", published in 1973 by the publishing house "Children's Literature". However, the first book that the author published was a collection of poems for children called "Baby". The main part of his works is occupied by stories about nature and animals. These are creations that are fully consistentcanons of traditional Russian prose. The wisdom and warmth of the stories, as well as their lyricism and imagery, are reminiscent of the works of Y. Koval and M. Prishvin.

Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich biography of the writer

The author tries to convey to the reader the idea that people are responsible for all life on Earth, teaches them to love and appreciate it. It shows the inseparability of man and nature, the role of nature in human life, as well as man in nature. These are the works written by Sergei Anatolyevich Ivanov. With his creations, the writer tries to convey to the reader that he has an amazing opportunity to enjoy and admire nature and animals, and you need to do it here and now, without delay.

In addition to stories about nature, the collection included works about schoolchildren and children. The book was very popular with young readers and received positive reviews from literary critics. The author himself liked to say that in a book it should not be like in life, books are needed for this, so that everything in them is brighter, louder, more fun. It was precisely such works that Ivanov created, they were fascinating, thoughtful and at the same time lyrical. The most famous and beloved were the stories: “In the endless forest”, “Former Bulka and his daughter”, “He is not among us”, “The thirteenth year of life”, “Olga Yakovleva” and others.

Deserved popularity

Only after the publication of the story "Olga Yakovleva" Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich became famous the next morning. The author's books were sold out from bookshelves, and in literary circles he decided on his writing credo as an author."school stories".

At that time, and these were the 60s - 70s, when he began to publish as a professional author, such honored writers as V. Zheleznikov, A. Aleksin and Yuri Yakovlev actively worked in this genre. Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich, although he was much younger than them and had not such a literary experience, nevertheless he was able to take a worthy place in this series of honored masters.

Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich personal life

Instructive creativity

In his works, Ivanov was able to keep a pure and high note, which runs like a red line in the works of Kassil and Gaidar, but with an intonation peculiar only to him. This intonation is both lyrical and comically ironic. Far from many works to this day touch upon such serious issues, and communicate with adolescents on adult topics, and talk about problems that may affect not only adults, describe real life. Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich is one of such writers. He, like no one else, could subtly feel and understand teenagers with their unstable and aggressive behavior, unwillingness to put up with injustice and the desire to improve family relations.

The main character of the work

The main characters of his stories are teenagers of the 70s - mid-90s. Despite the fact that a lot of time has passed since those times, their conflicts and problems are still relevant today. In those days, parents changed their traditional attitude towards the child. Their attitude towards children was no longer so cordial and warm, but more formal.character.

Unfortunately, all these problems are still relevant today. That is why the stories of Sergei Ivanov, as before, sound modern. The main theme of his books is the most complex relationship between the individual and the team, an adult and a child, he writes about first love and a keen desire for justice. These were unique, bright and at the same time extremely lyrical pieces.


Besides literature, Sergey Anatolyevich Ivanov also wrote scripts for animated films and feature films. His most famous animated film is the Lost and Found series, which was very fond of the young viewer, as well as Dunno on the Moon. Sergei Ivanov wrote a large number of scripts, but the rest remain less known.

Sergei Anatolyevich Ivanov writer

Last year's snow fell

Perhaps his most famous work as a screenwriter remains to this day the creation of the cartoon "Last Year's Snow Was Falling". The cartoon is made in the style of plasticine animation. Ivanov worked on its creation together with Alexander Tatarsky, who was already known as the creator of such plasticine animations. The creators had to fight hard for their creation. The cartoon went through strict censorship, literally for every word the authors had to argue with critics. There was a hidden political hint in almost every expression. The harmless and funny remarks of the protagonist seemed to them a terrible sedition. Many scenes were cut from the cartoonsome expressions of the main character were re-voiced, but despite this, the world saw a real masterpiece, and the lines from the cartoon simply scattered into quotes.

Tough period

The period of the second half of the 90s became difficult for the author. It was a new stage in Ivanov's life. Commercial relations and the labor market dictated their own laws, and he demanded a completely different literature. During this period, the author creates adaptations to famous foreign fairy tales, as well as a large number of detective stories for children. The creator of the works himself was condescending towards his new works, but he was so subtly versed in the psychology of his potential reader that he created works from which it was simply impossible to tear oneself away. The books were unexpected and witty.

Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich photo

In the same crucial 90s, Ivanov and Roman Sef lead seminars of writers who created for children, which were held at the Literary Institute. Gorky. It is noteworthy that thanks to this seminar, a large number of writers who squeak for toddlers and teenagers have been formed. Among them was even the winner of the international Janusz Korczak award Oleg Kurguzov.

Unfortunately, in 1999, on December 4, Sergei Ivanov's life was tragically cut short. The writer was hit by a train. Ivanov Sergey Anatolyevich is buried in the city of Pushkino at the Novo-Derevenskoye cemetery. The photo on the monument will remind you of the young writer who created all his life only for children.

To date, more than 50 works written by Ivanov have been published and knownSergei Anatolievich. The personal life of the writer remains a big secret to this day. Finding any information about his family is almost impossible.

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