Where is the world's largest museum?

Where is the world's largest museum?
Where is the world's largest museum?

Museums are not only amazing sights of the country that become a rest for the soul. Unique exhibits that have come down through the centuries carry a huge amount of accumulated experience for posterity. The unique masterpieces of world culture are significant historical monuments, mute witnesses of the events that took place. Priceless property provides a variety of food for thought, so it is no wonder that a huge number of visitors thoughtfully contemplate the beautiful paintings and sculptures, revealing answers to eternal questions: why did we come to this world, and what will remain after our departure?

First place disputes

Many must have wondered for a long time where the largest museum in the world is located. To be honest, there is no definitive answer yet. Although most will name the most popular among tourists the Louvre, located in Paris. However, if you turn to sources on the Internet, then it is considered only the third largest. And what museums then are located in the first and second place? Unfortunately, there is no exact information here.presented, therefore, in order to fully consider the largest repositories of world cultural values, we will dwell not only on the national pride of all the French, but also on other, no less majestic cultural monuments.

The Louvre is a unique French treasure

The famous, most visited, breaking all records for the presented collections - all these epithets correspond to the Louvre. The unique treasury, covering an area of ​​200,000 square meters, is located in a huge building, which over time "overgrown" with new additions. The largest museum in the world, according to the French, receives up to ten million visitors a year. Built at the beginning of the 12th century, the fortress loses its defensive purpose over the centuries, turning into a real residence of the French kings.

the largest museum in the world city

The most beautiful palace was improved with the ascension to the throne of each new ruler. The most famous architects of that period worked on the architecture, which is a real work of art, and luxurious interiors. However, after the final move of the residence to Versailles, the Louvre with spacious halls was empty, and the revolution that took place in the 18th century opened the doors for everyone to touch the unique collections that are replenished to this day.

Ambiguous annex in the form of a pyramid

Located on a vast territory and numbering more than 400,000 exhibits, among which the Mona Lisa is considered the main pearl, the largest museum inworld - a city within a city, as it is also called by the Parisians. The last building, which provoked a mixed reaction from the public, was built more than 20 years ago. At the entrance, all visitors are greeted by a high glass pyramid, which is out of the general style of the palace and irritates the locals. The huge annex, reminiscent of the size of the pyramid of Cheops, of course, contrasts with the classic look of the Louvre, but at the same time creates a sense of space at the entrance.

the world's largest museum

Cultural wonder of the Vatican

If you ask the Italians what is the largest museum in the world, the answer will be unequivocal - the Vatican, because to get around all its exhibits, you will need to walk 7 kilometers. The huge complex, which includes about 1,400 rooms, amazes impressionable visitors with ancient masterpieces. Many people come here just to visit the majestic Sistine Chapel Church, which looks rather nondescript from the outside. But inside, the astonished tourists' spirit freezes from the beauty of the unique creation of the Italian masters of the Renaissance.

what is the largest museum in the world

Magnificent murals, which have not lost their brightness of colors over many centuries, tell about the ancient history of the whole world, from the creation by the Lord to the Last Judgment. But do not think that the world's largest museum, which houses the famous Sistine Chapel, is rich only in this greatest creation.

Amazing masterpieces of the museum

In the rooms, called stanzas, the ceilings and walls are painted with greatRafael. The expressive frescoes of the brilliant master make you stop so as not to miss a single detail filled with symbolism. There is a legend that the Pope himself, having seen the masterpieces of the young author, wanted him to paint the complex in the Vatican, where the largest museum in the world nowadays attracts a huge number of visitors. At first, no one pays attention to an inconspicuous stand with the flag of a small state, until it turns out that the Enclave symbol on a spaceship has been to the moon. Paintings by great masters - Dali, Gauguin, Chagall - and a huge collection of Orthodox icons gather crowds of admiring tourists.

where is the largest museum in the world

Japanese technology on guard of art

If you think in terms of the size of the exhibition pavilions, the world's largest museum opened its transparent doors to all art lovers in Japan relatively recently. The unique design of the room, created using the most modern technologies, is a glass wall curved by the sea wave, which perfectly transmits sunlight into the huge halls. Spacious pavilions are not empty, despite the fact that there are no works of art in the museum. Erected in hopes of hosting temporary cultural displays, the massive building attracts tourists with world-class exhibitions.

Where is the largest museum in the world

Expositions of contemporary art, including those from Russia, are displayed on a huge square. But not only the shows are limited to the nationalTokyo Center, international negotiations, symposiums are held there, and cultural figures from all over the globe come to the capital of Japan to share their experience at numerous forums.

However, admirers of the Louvre, who believe that the world's largest museum is still in Paris, do not share the opinion of Japanese experts, who spent about $ 300 million on a building designed to outshine all known cultural treasures.

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