Milyavskaya Eva is Lolita's daughter and just a happy child

Milyavskaya Eva is Lolita's daughter and just a happy child
Milyavskaya Eva is Lolita's daughter and just a happy child

Milyavskaya Eva is the daughter of a once popular couple of pop singers called "Cabaret duet" Academy ". The fate of a teenage girl cannot be called typical, since Eva was born with certain developmental disabilities. In some sources, information periodically appears that Milyavskaya Eva has autism, while others write that the girl was born prematurely, therefore she still has some developmental features.

By the way, the legendary mother, Lolita Milyavskaya, also adheres to the second version. In a recent interview, she admitted that her daughter was born prematurely, weighing 1200 kg. According to her, at the moment the girl is practically no different from her peers, the only deviation is congenital poor eyesight and some complexes, which, in principle, are inherent in almost every person in adolescence.

Milyavskaya Eva

Once journalists asked her a question: "Why didn't you, like most stars, send your daughter to study abroad?". Lolita replied that she did not consider it necessary for Eva to study in another country, since here tooyou can get a decent education, the main thing is to have a desire.

After graduating from high school, Milyavskaya Eva still did not go to study at a higher educational institution. Why? The matter remains a mystery.

Childhood of Eva Milyavskaya

From childhood until 2015, Milyavskaya Eva lived with her grandparents in Kyiv, and the star mother often came to visit them. Yes, and Eva periodically visited her mother, coming to Moscow, where Lolita lives. In 2015, the singer moved her family closer to her. Now the singer and her daughter often appear in the secular world.

In the same 2015, Eva, together with her mother and stepfather, participated in Moscow Fashion Week. The whole family appeared before the public as models of the Russian Business brand. Other pop and show business stars also appeared on the podium that evening: Sergey Zverev, Shura, Ksenia Borodina with her daughter, Anastasia Volochkova and even Dzhigurda.

eva milyavskaya

What about the father?

After a divorce from Lolita, Alexander Tsekalo married for the third time. At the moment, in this marriage, he is the father of two lovely babies. But he doesn't want to know anything about Eva. According to Lolita, Alexander Tsekalo never calls and is not interested in the fate of his daughter, he never congratulated her on her birthday.

But Lolita tries to make up for the absence of her father by devoting almost all her free time to her daughter. Every summer, the two of them go on vacation to Bulgaria, and after such trips, Lolita has new joint photos on her Instagram page.

Eva Milyavskayatoday

Despite the fact that Lolita is trying to keep information about her daughter's personal life out of the modern media, not so long ago, photos were leaked to the press that can trace some of Eve's hobbies. Billiards - this is what Eva Milyavskaya is busy with. The photo of Eva with a cue in her hands in the company of players is a clear confirmation of this.

eva milyavskaya photo

In one of the interviews taken by Andrey Malakhov with Lolita and her daughter, Eva admitted that she dreams of becoming a musician, but whether her ideas in this direction will come true is unknown.

The photo also shows that the girl has changed a lot - she has matured and prettier.

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