Stitch ordinary: edible or not, description. Mushroom picker's guide

Stitch ordinary: edible or not, description. Mushroom picker's guide
Stitch ordinary: edible or not, description. Mushroom picker's guide

Spring is the time when the first mushrooms appear. A real holiday is coming for every beginner and experienced quiet hunting professional. The common line is one of those mushrooms that appear just in spring days. It is quite interesting not only for its shape, but also for the way it is prepared. But you don't have to get ahead of yourself. First things first.

line ordinary

Mushroom lines: description

This mushroom stands out with a bizarre shape. His hat, like two drops of water, looks like a brain. She herself is brown, with a diameter of up to fifteen centimeters. She seems to be glued to the base of the leg. The latter usually reaches five centimeters in length. The color of the legs is greyish. Another feature of this mushroom is its fragility. Therefore, it must be collected very carefully. Otherwise, you can break the mushroom. It has a neutral smell. That's all that can be said about how the stitch mushroom looks like. Next will be told where this delicacy grows.

mushroom picker's guide

Where it growsmushroom lines?

The mushroom picker's guide says that this mushroom grows in coniferous foxes or in deciduous plantings. Rotting wood is another great location for these gifts of the forest. But most often the ordinary line is hidden in pine forests. When should you start looking for this mushroom? As mentioned earlier, a line is a delicacy that appears in the forest with the first warm rays. After all, it was not just that they gave him the name - an ordinary spring line. Such a mushroom can be easily found in the month of March. The mushroom picker's guide says that most often it grows in April-May.

Poison mushroom or not?

Is the stitch edible or not? It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question. And all because the mushroom itself is very poisonous. In its composition, it contains a substance such as gyromitrin. It's pretty toxic. When ingested, it can completely destroy the liver. In addition, abroad there are quite a few examples of death from the inaccurate use of this mushroom.

Fortunately, there are no such examples in Russia yet. The peculiarity of gyromitrin lies in the fact that even during heat treatment it is not destroyed. An ordinary line is a poisonous mushroom, but you can still cook it without harming yourself. How to do this will be explained later.

line edible or not

Signs of poisoning with a common line

If you cook the lines incorrectly, the probability that a person will be poisoned is as much as 99%. It is very important to know what signs of intoxication canto appear. After all, if you find them in time, you can save your life and loved ones. So what are the symptoms of intoxication?

Signs of poisoning include: diarrhea, severe vomiting, and shortness of breath or delirium. All this is accompanied by severe pain in the stomach and liver. Most often, signs of severe poisoning occur five or six hours after ingestion of the mushrooms themselves. Basically, intoxication is observed for one or two days. If a person has problems with the vascular-cardiac system, then a fatal outcome is quite likely.

common spring line

Mushroom lines: how to cook?

As mentioned above, the line is a very poisonous mushroom. If not cooked properly, you can die. Therefore, the next part of the article will tell you how to cook an ordinary line at home without harming your he alth. Here the most popular and simple recipes for cooking an amazing mushroom will be shown. So let's get started.

Stitches fried

This is the perfect dish. Your relatives and guests will appreciate its aroma and taste. What will be required to prepare this dish? Of course, these are mushrooms, as well as one onion, a few lettuce leaves and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Rinse the lines well before cooking. After that, they are poured with water, to which a spoonful of s alt and vinegar was added. Mushrooms should lie in this mixture for at least thirty minutes.

Next, the lines are cut and placed on a preheated frying pan. Mushrooms fried in vegetableoil. In addition, during cooking, finely chopped onions can be added to the fragrant mass. After a little frying, the pan must be closed with a lid, setting the fire to a medium level. Mushrooms should be stewed for fifteen minutes. Finished stitches can be served with lettuce.

first mushrooms

Stitches in a pot

One more recipe - stitches in a pot. This dish has more ingredients, and more time will have to be spent. But, it's worth it. So, for cooking, you need to have 100 grams of butter and sour cream, 200 grams of cheese. In addition, you need to buy onions, dill, garlic, s alt, pepper, and, of course, the mushrooms themselves. The latter will need about five hundred grams. When all the ingredients are on the table, you can start cooking.

First, you need to thoroughly rinse the gifts of the forest with water. At the same time, do not forget that the mushroom line is quite fragile. Therefore, this procedure must be done carefully and carefully. Next, you need to put a pot of water on the fire and wait until it boils well. And in a boiling liquid you need to lower the mushrooms for five minutes. Then take them out and drain the water. Then rinse again and re-immerse in boiling liquid. And then repeat the procedure with washing again.

Next comes the onion. It needs to be cut well, but not finely. Dill should also be chopped. Ready onions must be fried in vegetable oil. It should be remembered that it should have a slightly golden hue. Now it's time to get back to mushrooms. They also need to be cut, but notfinely. Next, add the lines to the bow. Fry the mushrooms for about five minutes, maybe even less. The process lasts depending on how quickly the water evaporates.

While the mushrooms and onions are fried, you can work on the cheese. He rubs himself on a grater. But the garlic must be crushed using a knife. Now the mushrooms can be put in a pot. Next add sour cream and dill. All contents are well mixed. And then you need to pour cheese on top. Now the closed pot is sent to the oven, where the dish is baked at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees. Cheese need not be brought to a golden crust. And all because mushrooms can lose their special taste. Everything! The dish is ready! It tastes great with white bread.

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Lines in sour cream

First, rinse the mushrooms (500g) in cold water. After that, we collect a clean liquid in a medium-sized saucepan, adding a spoonful of s alt and vinegar to it. Then this water must be poured over the mushrooms for thirty minutes. After half an hour has elapsed, they must be boiled for ten minutes in s alt water. After completing the stitching process, we pull it out of the water: they should cool. Then they can be cut, but not finely.

When the mushrooms are finished, it's time to chop one onion and three potato tubers. After mixing the chopped vegetables with mushrooms, put the mass in a refractory dish. Now you can s alt and pepper everything to your liking. The final step is to prepare the sauce. it is done simply.

Three tablespoons of sour cream are mixed with the same amount of water. Necessarymix everything until a homogeneous mass is reached and boil. When the sauce is ready, they need to pour the mushrooms. Now you can put the mushrooms in the oven. The dish is prepared under a closed lid at a temperature of one hundred and sixty degrees for forty minutes. That's the whole recipe for this wonderful and delicious dish. Such mushrooms will be a great addition even to the most festive table.

Stitch Casserole

Another recipe that you should pay attention to is a delicious casserole and stitches. So, it's time to start cooking this wonderful dish. First you need to soak the mushrooms in cold water for fifteen or twenty minutes. Now they should be well cleaned of any dirt. Next, boil them in plenty of water for fifteen minutes. Ready mushrooms are sent to a colander and drain well in it. Next, you need to cut very large lines with a knife into several parts for better cooking. And now it is necessary to send the mushrooms to be boiled in new water for fifteen minutes. After that, we send them back to the colander.

Without removing the mushrooms from the container, rinse them well under cold water. Then you need to cut the mushrooms into strips and fry in vegetable oil. Add s alt and pepper to your liking. Then we continue to fry the mushrooms until a good golden crust appears, after sprinkling them with flour. At the end, you need to add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream. It is necessary to simmer until the oil has evaporated from the sour cream. Next, the mushrooms are removed from the fire and sprinkled with cheese. And now it's time to send the frying pan tooven preheated. She stands there until the cheese turns into a golden crust. All meals are ready! It is served with dill. Bon appetit!

mushroom lines how to cook

Healing properties of the mushroom line ordinary

Besides the fact that the line is used in cooking, it is also actively used in medicine. In the old days, the mushroom was used as a strong and effective pain reliever. Toothache or muscle pain was easily relieved with this amazing mushroom. Nowadays, mushroom tincture is used. This drink helps with arthrosis, rheumatism, radiculitis and other similar diseases. In addition, by rubbing the tincture, pneumonia and a long cough can be cured. And how to cook it? Time to figure it out.

Preparing a medicinal tincture from stitches

First you need to clean the mushrooms very well from mucus and dirt. The caps are carefully separated from the stem and crushed well. Then we send them to a storage container. It is worth remembering that tamping or shaking a jar of chopped hats is unnecessary. Next, vodka is added. You need to pour enough of it so that it covers the mushrooms a little. You need to insist the remedy for exactly two weeks, putting it in the refrigerator. Everything! The tincture is ready!

In order to get rid of a cold and strengthen immunity, it must be rubbed into the human body. After that, you need to wrap yourself in a warm blanket for a stronger effect. As you can see, line mushrooms, although poisonous, can not only be cooked deliciously, but also used aseffective medicine against diseases. The most important thing is to be careful and do everything clearly according to the recipe. Another tip: be sure to consult your doctor about the specific use of this tincture for treatment purposes.

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The result can be done as follows. Mushrooms and mushroom pickers are one. Indivisible. Mushroom pickers know absolutely everything about the gifts of the forest and their types. This article will be useful for many professionals and even for inexperienced beginners. we made sure that the common line is a poisonous mushroom and very dangerous for human life. Improper preparation of these mushrooms can lead to serious poisoning. In addition, a fatal outcome also takes place. But you can still cook it. The most important thing is to know how.

Stitches are really delicious. They have already been appreciated by many gourmets and ordinary lovers of dishes with mushrooms. Doing everything strictly according to the recipe, you can be absolutely sure that the finished dish will give only positive emotions. Let this article become a guide and helper for many mushroom pickers, even for the most experienced. And the dishes that were presented here will be an amazing decoration for any table.

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