When is Son's Day? Celebrating a holiday in Russia

When is Son's Day? Celebrating a holiday in Russia
When is Son's Day? Celebrating a holiday in Russia

To have a rich history of holidays for every country is a great honor and pride. And to have many family holidays means to be confident in the strength of family ties and the institution of marriage in the country. Days of family, mother, father, daughter are celebrated in Russia. Young enough, but having its own date, Son's Day is gaining more and more of its admirers every year.

History of the holiday

Of course, in every country in the world for any person, regardless of race, status and financial situation, the most precious and valuable thing in life is the family. Of course, you need to remember the family and do things for the good of your loved ones every day, but sometimes in the turmoil of days a person forgets to really think about what this word means to him. Therefore, the fashion for family holidays has spread widely in the world. Father's and Mother's Days are celebrated all over the world.

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In our country, Parents' Sunday is celebrated, when the deceased parents are remembered, their graves are cleaned. Slowly but surely, Son's Day is taking root in Russia. The history of the holiday is rather blurred. It is known that it is celebrated in a number of European countries, including Russia. The holiday is quite young, and few can immediately tell when Son's Daycelebrate.

Why celebrate this day

There was no specific historical precedent for the appearance of the holiday. Perhaps, in every family where there are men, this is already an occasion to mark the holiday on the calendar. The birth of a son has always been a huge celebration and a reason for pride. After all, a boy is a hope, a future support, a successor to the family and a protector. No wonder there is a saying addressed to pregnant women: "If God gives a daughter, he wants to reward, and if he gives a son, he wants to protect."

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For Russia, where it is customary to officially celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day, the role of a man is enormous. And if February 23 is more often associated with the military, who served the guys who are called to guard the borders and the calm peaceful sleep of their Fatherland, then on Son's Day they glorify men - the defenders of the family, honor, dignity of loved ones and relatives.

Who is customary to congratulate on Son's Day

According to the logic and the name, first of all, congratulations go to men from their parents. Realizing that a loving and caring son is the result of parental efforts. It is also necessary to congratulate parents, only on the Day of the parents of sons. Most often, this holiday does not bypass mothers and sons who go to the army. This process, which concerns absolutely all relatively he althy men, causes both pride, and a lot of worries and tears, and a reverent attitude on the part of mothers. Most single moms raising boys will never miss this day and will definitely congratulate the main man of theirlife.

Adult men also need to know when Son's Day is to visit their elderly parents and thank them for their love and well-grown son.

When a holiday is celebrated in Russia

The date when Son's Day in Russia is secretly celebrated on November 22. It is located in the unofficial calendar next to Mother's Day, which is celebrated on the last Sunday in November. A great opportunity to remind each other about the upcoming family holidays. What date is Son's Day, you can remember associatively with Defender of the Fatherland Day: the numbers 22 and 23 are consecutive.

Holiday traditions

Due to the youth of the holiday, Son's Day did not have time to form any specific traditions and customs. If, for example, for a relatively young Mother's Day, one can see some preparation in the form of advertising on television, promotions and special offers in stores, say, for mother's goods, souvenirs produced for Mother's Day, then Son's Day has not yet been monetized. Themed postcards are still hard to find. It is necessary to apply with a special order to an advertising agency for the production of themed souvenirs.

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But even without these attributes, those who have become close and dear to the holiday try to celebrate it in a family way. The ideal option is a warm family dinner, and after all, each family can add their own tradition, for example, prepare a signature holiday dish or set the table with their son's favorite goodies. Parents are allowed to indulge all daymemories of his offspring, starting from the cradle, and sons to thank their parents for their upbringing, love and cozy father's house. By the way, if children and parents have been living apart for a long time, then it is important to visit mom and dad and congratulate them on a caring and good son.

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In some regions there are monuments to families and sons. In the Omsk region and Khakassia, they are sad. They were installed in memory of the sons who died in local wars, thanks to the unions of soldiers' mothers. Of course, when the Day of the Son comes according to the calendar, all caring mothers come to the monuments, who raise their sons or, unfortunately, have lost them. In Russia, almost every city has installations and monuments dedicated to families and children. Visiting and photographing at such attractions can become a great tradition on Son's Day.

How to wish Happy Son's Day

In addition to symbolic gifts and a family feast, mothers often send their love to social networks in the form of poems, posts with photos of their sons. There are even ready-made collages, postcards, gifs that can be found in the galleries of any search engine. If you approach the search more scrupulously, you can find personalized postcards or programs for creating your own congratulations.

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Older generation netizens write congratulations in the form of a prayer to their son. And although this is not at all a religious holiday from the Orthodox calendar, some believing mothers and children visit churches when they celebrate Son's Day in Russia in order tolight candles for he alth.

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