Quotes of millionaires: aphorisms, sayings, phrases, motivational impact, list of the best and their authors

Quotes of millionaires: aphorisms, sayings, phrases, motivational impact, list of the best and their authors
Quotes of millionaires: aphorisms, sayings, phrases, motivational impact, list of the best and their authors

In every person, well, or almost everyone, there is some kind of spark of talent. But the reality is that only a few can achieve success. Because to achieve success you need not only talent, but also great hard work, luck, perseverance and perseverance, ambition, dexterity and intelligence, and much more.

What is interesting quotes of millionaires

We are lucky that people who have achieved success and made their dreams come true have shared their thoughts, secrets and recipes with us. Now we can read quotes from millionaires and say to ourselves: “I can do it too.” This is the main motivational impact of any statements of successful people. Most of us are not given the same experience and become a participant in the same big financial game. But we can learn from the experience of others and adopt a lot of useful conclusions that remain relevant in any era.

Why don't we go over smart heads? But, you see, it is strange to read and perceive quotes of a person without knowing his success story. Notesmillionaires, quotes become several times more interesting as soon as you learn about their biographies and often very difficult life paths. Here is a list of the best quotes and a story about their authors.

Robert Kiyosaki

American businessman, best-selling author on financial management and the psychology of we alth, teacher and investor.

Robert Kiyosaki

Half the life of this man went to we alth and financial independence. Although I got the basics of my strategy and motivation at school. From childhood, the boy was interested in the psychology of achieving success and we alth, he loved to read biographies and quotes about millionaires.

We are slaves to our habits. Change your habits, your life will change.

Robert Kiyosaki received an excellent education as the son of the Florida Minister of Education. He worked on an oil ship, served in the Vietnam War as a combat helicopter pilot, and worked for Xerox as a sales agent. Several times Robert tried his hand at entrepreneurship: manufacturing and selling leather goods, nylon goods, licensed production of T-shirts and T-shirts for music fans. With the growing popularity of stock trading, he started playing on the stock exchange, but due to the wrong investment strategy, he lost all his property and remained in debt. This deep personal crisis launched Robert Kiyosaki's success as one of today's most popular business educators and creator of the first school of financial literacy.

It's not about how much money you make, it's about how much money you save, how mucheffectively they work for you and how many generations after you will be able to use them.

school of financial literacy

The ability, once at the bottom, to learn the main lesson and make a victory out of defeat made Kiyosaki a millionaire. His comments about money, the philosophy of poverty and we alth, and investment strategies have been among the most popular quotes from millionaires for more than a decade.

If money is not in the first place in your head, then it will not stick to your hands either. And if they do not stick to your hands, then both money and people with money will stay away from you.

Aristotle Onassis

Greek entrepreneur, owner of the tanker fleet and airline, hotels and casinos in Monaco, one of the largest investors of the 50-60s of the XX century.

Aristotle Onassis

Being a hereditary entrepreneur, Aristotle Onassis had all the necessary qualities of character for phenomenal success. The hard trials of youth - the capture of family members by the Turks, the ruin of his father's business and leaving home at the age of 17 - only tempered the young man and instilled in him an invincible desire to get rich in spite of any obstacles.

We must free ourselves from the hope that the sea will ever calm down. We must learn to sail in strong winds.

Natural charm, colossal diligence and the ability to find profit in any situation quickly paved the way for him into big business. In Argentina, he went from being a waiter toowner of the city's most famous tobacco shop.

Don't sleep too much and don't tell anyone about your problems.

At the height of the Great Depression and then World War II, he became the largest shipowner. He married the wife of his worst enemy - Jacqueline Kennedy. He eventually died in 1975, having given much of his fortune to charity.

Aristotle and Jacqueline

The life of this man is like an incredible turbulent cycle. Philanthropist, millionaire, playboy, and his quotes left a great intellectual legacy that everyone should adopt.

At a certain point, you will begin to understand that money is not the goal, it will cease to matter to you at all. The very process of creating a business is what really captures.

Paul Getty

Oil tycoon, one of the first billionaires, art collector. In 1966, the Guinness Book of Records named him the richest man in the world.

Paul Getty

The son of oil tycoon Paul Getty was devoted to the family business from childhood: he understood all the intricacies of oil production, his hobby was geological research, and he earned his first capital on shares bought from his father as a child.

Success formula: get up early, work hard, find oil.

Paul Getty began to make his fortune during the years of the Great Depression, without hesitation buying up all the assets from ruined competitors. Already in 1949 he was from a millionaireturned into a billionaire and the richest man in the world.

Favorable opportunities to make a decent profit are always there, you just need to recognize them and use them.

He was extremely stingy and never gave money to charity. However, he managed to leave a valuable legacy in the form of a unique collection of art objects, which became the basis of the Getty Museum.

To become a billionaire, first of all, you need luck, a significant dose of knowledge, a huge capacity for work, I emphasize - HUGE, but most importantly, the most important thing - you must have the mentality of a billionaire. The billionaire mentality is that state of mind in which you focus all your knowledge, all your skills, all your skills on achieving your goal. This is what will change you.

The life story of this man is an example of how an absolute focus on results can overshadow all other interests and values ​​of life, but very quickly lead to unprecedented success. But for this it is necessary, probably, to be not quite a man, but a prudent and pragmatic machine. But it is all the more interesting to study the notes of a millionaire, to read his quotes and reasoning about capital.

Richard Branson

British entrepreneur, founding father of the Virgin Group diversified corporation, one of the world's most eccentric millionaires.

Richard Branson

Many people are familiar with the story of Richard Branson's school childhood. Due to his restlessness, frequent behavior problems, as well as reform andinnovative initiatives, he earned the fame of a rebel. During the farewell ceremony with the school, the principal spoke about Branson's future: that he would either go to jail or become a millionaire.

My biggest motivation? Just keep challenging yourself. I look at life as an endless university study that I didn't have: every day I learn something new.

Already as a student, Richard began to gush with business ideas and immediately implement them. Student youth magazine, student advisory center, own music store, and then a recording studio - all this while Richard was not yet 30.

I believe that working and sitting out the hours is a betrayal of the general entrepreneurial spirit.

Virgin's further diversification of business can amaze anyone. Endless succession of start-ups in real estate, retailing everything from books to alcohol, insurance, mobile communications. Whatever Richard Branson undertook, everything was not always long-term, but success. Later, he created his own airline, and then a travel company to organize trips into outer space. Today, this unique entrepreneur is committed to environmental projects, and he invests profits from numerous diverse companies in organizations dedicated to resolving the world's conflicts.

First of all, you want to create something that you will be proud of. This has always been my business philosophy. I can honestly say that I neverwas in business to make money. If that's the only motive, then it's better to do nothing.

The story of Richard Branson is an example of how a person is able to achieve certain success in any area, showing a genuine and sincere interest in this.

The most powerful motivation

The best kick, the most powerful motivation for a person, when he is on the verge of great achievements or, conversely, driven into a corner by life - this is the real experience of great people. If you can't find the strength to change your life, don't know where to start, read the sayings of successful people.

What could be more logical than to share another quote from a millionaire, our contemporary and China's largest entrepreneur Jack Ma as a result:

No matter how hard the race of life, you should always have the dream that was when it all started. This will help you stay motivated and keep you from thinking weak thoughts.

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