Kyla Ferrell: photo, biography, participation and life after the show "America's Next Top Model"

Kyla Ferrell: photo, biography, participation and life after the show "America's Next Top Model"
Kyla Ferrell: photo, biography, participation and life after the show "America's Next Top Model"

Is it difficult for a waitress to become a famous top model in America? The example of Kayla Ferrell claims that everyone can do it.

Kyla Ferrell

American model Kayla Ferrell became famous for her participation in the 15th season of America's Next Top Model. The participant was remembered by viewers for her playful character and unconventional orientation.

Biography of Kayla Ferrell

Kyla was born October 20, 1990 in Rockford, Illinois. Her height is 175 cm. She had to freeze at night on the floor until she was 13 years old, as she slept in a sleeping bag, while her mother and lover huddled on the bed. So we can conclude that Kayla Ferrell did not have the best childhood. In her city, she was known for being a lesbian since she was 12 years old. But she chose her orientation not according to her own conclusions, but as a result of the psychological trauma she suffered at the age of 11, when she was raped. Before she joined the project, she worked as a waitress at a local cafe. At the age of 19, she joined America's Next Top Model and became the second lesbian to participate in the project.

Participation in the project "America's Next Top Model"

Ferrell entered the project as the 12th girl who passed the casting. The first two photo sessions impressed Tyra Banks and the rest of the jury and were recognized as one of the best. In Episode 4, Kayla, along with Liz Williams and Chris White, won a competition in which she showed her acting skills, and went to a tea party with Tyra and other girls.

a photo

In the 6th episode, a CoverGirl commercial was to be filmed, for which the girls were divided into groups of 3 people each. The group with Kayla won.

a photo

In the next episode, Ferrell won a contest hosted by Miss J and was given the opportunity to host the Grammy Awards in February 2011. Episode 8 was a real test: the girls had to star in a commercial with men, and for Kayla it was quite difficult because of the abuse experienced in childhood. Even though her picture wasn't the best, she was pretty strong too. In the 9th episode, Kayla, along with Liz and Chris, filmed with a male model on a gondola in haute couture dresses. And a little later they went to Milan to the Missioni Fashion House.

fashion house

In the 10th episode of "America's Next Top Model", Kayla Ferrell and other contestants got an interesting task that reflects one of the sides of art: they depicted statues.


In the next episode, which was, unfortunately, the last for Kayla this season, she was interviewed by the maineditor of Vogue Italy, with whom, if she won the competition, she would have signed a contract. The next episode features skipped scenes, one of which featured Kayla fighting Lexi.

Participation in the 17th season of "America's Next Top Model: All stars"

On September 14, 2011, a new season of the project began, which differed from the previous ones in that former participants of previous seasons took part in it, as well as by voting by fans and ordinary viewers, the results of which were announced without them. In the first episode, the girls posed for a photographer in the backyard of their home in Los Angeles. In the second episode, the girls were taken to the stylists, and Kayla changed her hair color from black to maroon, which is different from what she did in season 15 (she was red). In the 4th episode, an accident occurred: Kayla was hospitalized urgently due to cardiac arrhythmia. In the next episode, the girls had to portray Michael Jackson at different points in his career, and Kayla got his early eighties. The task was further complicated by the fact that the sister of the unforgettable Michael was present on the set. Ferrel's photo came in at 6th place. In Episode 6, they had an aggressive photo shoot with supermodel Coco Rocha, and at the end, her shot was ranked 6th again. The next episode was the last for Ferrell, as even at the beginning of the show, the judges had high hopes for her, remembering her strong, vivid and memorable photos, but, not seeing progress, they excluded the girl.

Reality TV World Interview

To the question Kayla was asked: "Were you surprisedexception or did you expect it?", she replied that in the process of filming she received a lot of positive feedback from Jay Manuel and, although she was hoping to reach the end, she slipped the thought of dropping out. She was also asked if she unfair her expulsion, having been one of the last only two times, while Lisa Damato, Alexandria was one of the last more times.Kyla replied that she did not consider her departure deserved, her first thoughts were: "I'm going home. Damn." But she said she respected the judges' opinions. Another of the interview questions was how she overcame her fear of filming with men, because in the last commercial with a guy she felt comfortable enough that prompted the judges to call this video great.Kyla replied that before filming she talked with Mr. Jay for a long time and revealed all her feelings, which she had never done before.The girl also said that she worked on herself for a long time and now she does not feel hostility and aggression towards men and even worked with guys in Japan.The next question was: "Tyra invited you to participate in the 17th season because she wanted to see your playful personality again, but you didn't quite open it to the audience, which disappointed Tyra a little. You said that it is inside you, but you do not want to show it. Why? Were you just nervous or did you think it's time to get serious and take the project accordingly?" Kayla replied that she didn't know how to show her calm and confidentrelationship with the stage because it's a completely different feeling than when she's having fun with other models. Plus, it's hard to relax when all you have in your head are thoughts like, "What should I do? How not to disappoint the fans? Is this my last week?" She also shared that she didn't feel confident enough 90% of the time.

Reality TV World: "During a photo shoot on motorcycles, Jay Manuel said that you were not sure of yourself. What did he mean by this and do you agree with this statement?".

Kyla: "I don't quite understand what he meant. If he said that in the 15th season, then I would agree, because I was only 19 years old, the whole country knew my orientation, and "I was only on the path of knowing myself. Now I already know who I am, and I don't understand why he said that. But this is his opinion, and I do not agree with him."

Reality TV World: "There was a photo shoot during a soccer game where you won. People were surprised by your athletic ability. Bree Scullark was surprised by your strength because you look like a little girl. Why do you think you was this photo shoot so easy? Were you confident or just having fun on set?"

Kyla: "I'm so good at sports because I'm a lesbian. I was joking. I played on the football team when I was in high school, played for two years. I told the girls from the 15th season that I was into football with I am 9 years old, I am thin and small, but I have a lot of power in my fists.called her my little friend, which she strongly disagrees with, but in my mind I keep calling her that."

Reality TV World: "Were you surprised the judges saved Shannon instead of you, and how did you feel about Bianca being sent home instead?"

Kyla: "Sorry, when Bianca was sent home, I was in shock, but in relation to myself, I could understand their point of view. As I told Lisa earlier, Bianca is a person with an outstanding personality. And so I was confused because I think she should have been in the top 3. She's so pretty and slim, isn't she?".

Reality TV World: "Why did you decide to star in the new season of America's Next Top Model, what were your goals? And what are your plans for the future?".

Kyla: "I wanted to come back because I really missed the project and wanted to prove to myself that I can have fun and enjoy the experience and also show that I'm still the same Kayla. Also wanted Tyra and Mr. J were proud of me and saw how much I grew up.But it seems that it didn't work out, so my goals were not achieved in this project.I will continue to work in Tokyo, Japan.I really like it there, I generally like to shoot abroad.It's really nice work a couple of times a year and have an adventure while doing it.As I said earlier, in February I was invited to a lot of projects, and I'm ready to start them.I'm afraid and at the same time I'm waiting for February, so that everything can already begin."

Kyla Ferrell at the Grammy Awards

In Episode 7 of Season 15, Kyla and Liz wowed photographer Jay Alexander and won the competition to host the February 2011 Grammy Awards. Kayla presented the statuette to Miranda Lambert.

Kyla Ferrell's personal life

When the girl came to the project and revealed her orientation, she caused some embarrassment among the models, but soon the girls became friends with her. Nothing is known about Kayla's personal life, as she practically does not go to social networks and does not post photos with her girlfriend, if she has one. So nothing is known about Kayla Ferrell and her girlfriend.

Life after the Kayla Ferrell show

After the show, Kayla had a lot of test photos, she worked with Wonderland Collection: Eyerwear by Malachi Artese, Lipstick&Lollipops Fashion Rave, JM Couture and Type F. She collaborated with Donna Models agency in Japan.

Interesting facts

Ferrell's favorite designer is Stella McCartney. Before participating in the project, the girl worked as a waitress in her hometown of Rockford. The model madly loves to wear high-heeled shoes and does not like to wear overalls. It is also important for her that music plays in the background during the photo shoot.

Photo by Kayla Ferrel


Kyle for the shooting of Brian Whiteley. Stylish and effective.


Ferrell before participating in the project "America's Next Top Model". She has yet to transform into a confident beauty.

season 17

During participation in the 17thseason of America's Next Top Models. Kayla has a brilliant modeling career ahead of her.

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