Vacation quotes owned by famous people

Vacation quotes owned by famous people
Vacation quotes owned by famous people

Rest is sacred. It can be said with certainty that every person thinks so. Except for the workaholics. But otherwise, all people like to relax and devote their time to what they like. Leisure occupies a certain place in oral culture. This refers to quotes about holidays belonging to great people. Here I would like to list them.

On the importance of leisure

Many quotes about relaxation, owned by great people, aptly convey how important it really is. Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher of the 18th century, agreed with the importance of leisure. He said that rest after work is the undoubted and purest joy of all.

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And that's not his only good line. Kant also said: “The greatest pleasure, in which there is no admixture, is rest after work.” Basically, the meaning is the same. However, it is not surprising why Kant often expressed himself similarly, because everyone knows how much he had to work. All my life, to be specific.

Yanina Ipohorskaya, Polishartist, writer and translator, once said: “The shortest distance between two points is the segment between the beginning of a vacation and its end.” And it's impossible not to agree with this.

The American politician Benjamin Franklin also said a good phrase. It sounded like this: “The best of all medicines are abstinence and rest.”

Deep meaning

Many quotes about holidays are philosophical in nature. For example, the American publicist William Channing said that rest and peace owe their sweetness only to work. It's true, because we all know how much we enjoy our holidays, remembering how much important things have been done in the past months at work.

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But the French aphorist and theater critic Georges Elgozy said one interesting, truthful, but somewhat pessimistic thing. The phrase sounds like this: “Pension is a rest that is imposed on a person when all he can do is work.”

American philosopher and artist Elbert Hubbard has a more positive expression. It sounds like this: "No one needs a vacation as much as a person who has just returned from it." By the way, many put this phrase in their statuses about rest. Despite the fact that Elbert's activity was in the first half of the 19th century, the expression remains vital to this day. And it's true. Sometimes people spend their holidays so violently that after it, returning to the working system becomes an impossible task.

Other quotes

There are many other statements about rest. All of themit is difficult to list, but the fact that the meaning of each aphorism is well known to us is a fact. An interesting phrase belongs to a Canadian musician named Andre Prevost. This man said: "A bed is a place where one rests alone, and two get tired." There is no need to even explain the meaning.

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And also, listing quotes about rest, it is worth noting the following phrase of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso: “I rest when I work. And I get tired during the reception of guests and idleness. This expression characterizes many workaholics - those to whom work only brings joy.

Well, I would like to end with a phrase belonging to Rabindranath Tagore: “Rest and work are inseparable. Like the eye and eyelid.”

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