Aphorisms and quotes about God with meaning

Aphorisms and quotes about God with meaning
Aphorisms and quotes about God with meaning

A person needs to believe in something. There are different situations in life, and even those who rely only on themselves need support from time to time in the form of a higher mind, a powerful being that is not visible, but its powers are limitless. This is how myths, legends, gods and religions appear. People cannot prove their existence, but quotes about God pop up here and there, proving every time that the role of the Creator in human life is great enough.

Answering the question

Does God really exist? Unfortunately, neither science nor religion can unambiguously answer this question. And the point here is not that their arguments are erroneous or wrong. It's just that everyone should answer this question for themselves. Religion (and God along with it) has always been imposed on a person by society, which was initially wrong.

Quotes about God only show how other people see and understand him, and whether he exists or not is already an individual choice for everyone.

Polls have shown that approximately 90% of the world's population believes in the existence of higher powers. This 90% includes not only dreamers, humanitarians, writers and philosophers - there are many scientists, candidates of sciences,doctors. In a word, even people who are supposed to operate with dry facts on duty believe in the existence of the Almighty.

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Jean-Paul Sartre said that in the soul of every person there is a hole the size of God, and everyone fills it with what they can. Simply put, every person needs God, but what he will be depends on many factors. Here is the answer to the question of whether God exists or not.

What is he like?

From quotes about God, you can find out how different people represent him - from writers to scientists. For example, it is believed that God cannot be understood. His actions are beyond human logic, and no one will ever be able to foresee His actions and motives. A being that can be understood is not supernatural or higher intelligence. It can be obscenely wise and powerful, but if it acts according to the laws of existing logic, there is nothing divine in it.

Giuseppe Mazzini says it's ridiculous to prove or disprove the existence of God:

Proving God is blasphemy; to deny it is madness.

It is just as ridiculous to speculate about what he is, what he looks like, what he wears, etc. God should not be perceived as a being of flesh and blood, but as a formless and invisible mind that silently watches over ongoing and makes adjustments from time to time.

And here is what Dietrich Bonhoeffer said about the Creator:

God, who would allow us to verify his existence, wasnot God, but an idol.

By examining the quotes of great people about God, one can come to the unequivocal conclusion that He will never allow people to prove their own existence. If we assume that the hypothesis of His existence is correct, then we can say the following: God exists as information. In turn (as physicists have long proved), information is energy. That is, in the Universe there is a certain information flow that unites everything that exists, and each person is a part of it, which explains a lot.

True, people think this explanation is devoid of romance, mysticism and too boring. Therefore, most quotes about God are overflowing with spirituality, philosophy and deep meaning.


If God didn't exist, we should have invented him.

Woody Allen:

If it turned out that God exists, I would not consider him evil. The worst thing to say about him is that he does less than he could if he tried.

Gilbert Sesbron:

We unconsciously think that God sees us from above - but he sees us from within.

In order not to disturb the general composition of mysticism, religiosity and spirituality, we will continue to consider quotes from great people about God in the same spirit.

From the pages of the Bible

If a person wants to know who God is and what He does, the usual Bible can serve as the first source of knowledge. The Bible quotes about God are the most subtle of who He is and what can be expected of Him.

Because God, who commanded light to shine out of darkness, illumined our hearts to enlighten us with the knowledge of glory
I, I am the Lord, and there is no Savior besides Me.
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In addition to these statements, we can recall another quote from the Gospel of Matthew (6:26-30), which says that God is always there and ready to help. Therefore, do not become discouraged and worry about tomorrow:

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you much better than them? And about clothes, what do you care about? Look at the lilies of the field, how they grow: neither toil nor spin; but I tell you that even Solomon in all his glory did not dress like any of them; but if the grass of the field, which is today, and tomorrow will be thrown into the oven, God dresses like this, how much more than you, you of little faith!

Really, such words are encouraging. Is man, the highest creation of God, worse than birds and flowers? Of course not. It’s just that a person’s requests are much more serious, and he must fulfill most of his desires on his own, and God will provide the base in the form of food and clothing. But this interpretation does not suit many.


For some reason, people believe that God should fulfill all their desires like a genie from a lamp. They portray faith: they constantly go to church, declare themselves as fierce fanatics of faith. But when problems happen in their lives, they do absolutely nothing to solve them. Such people believe that God will help them, and continue to stubbornly ignore difficult situations. And time goes by and nothing is decidedmagically, so people stop believing, become embittered and offended. In some quotes and aphorisms about God, one can clearly see what people offended by God think.

Here's what Chuck Palahniuk had to say about this:

Maybe humans are just pet crocodiles that God flushed down the toilet?
All God does is watch us and kill us when we are dead tired live. We must try not to get tired.
- Why can't all people just be happy? - I do not know this. Maybe because then the Lord God would be bored? - Not. That's not why. - Why not? Because he's afraid. - Fears? What? - If everyone were happy, no god would be needed.

The last quote reveals a well-known truth: a person remembers God only when he feels bad. If a person is happy, he simply has the here and now, he enjoys the moment, and does not even think about any God. But as soon as another trouble happens, he immediately begins to remember already half-forgotten prayers and go to church with enviable constancy.

Sergey Minaev:

People in our time remember God at the most difficult moments - when a wife leaves, parents die or do not give a mortgage … On the other hand, even we, small bastards stuffed with modern technologies, need someone in charge, last, to whom you can appeal. Not even hope for help. Just to know that He is, and that's it.

A person really needs support in the form of a higher power that will act according tojustice. But in our time, more and more people are faced with the problem of faith.

About Faith

Recently, more and more often you can hear the assumption that faith is a matter of bygone days. Modern man must abandon it. Then he will not be embarrassed by anything, he will begin to live for his own pleasure and stop worrying about life after death, because it simply does not exist. It is difficult to say whether such an assumption is logical, because in everyday life we ​​encounter faith at every step: we believe in the existence of the world we see, in ourselves and the people that surround us. Even those who beat their chests and solemnly proclaim, “I am an atheist!” also believe, believe that nothing supernatural exists.

man praying at full moon

Yes, by and large, each of us believes! Were we not guided by hopes for a brighter future in our youth, stepping on the threshold of adulthood?! Faith inspires us and makes us stronger. Even starting a business, we are sure of success. Well, or at least we have hopes that it will be so. We can say that this is an ordinary worldly faith, and it has nothing to do with Christianity. But was it not this faith that inspired the fathers and ministers of the Church?

Quotes about God and faith with meaning convey its true essence. Judge for yourself.

Sergey Bulgakov, Russian philosopher:

Faith is a way of knowing without evidence.

Ramon de Campoamor, Spanish poet, philosopher, playwright and public figure:

My faith is so deep that I praise the Lord even though hegave me life.

Martti Larni, Finnish writer and journalist:

Many believe in God, but few believe in God.

Faith is a living and unshakable certainty in the existence of an invisible God. Theologians say that this is a hot impulse and a strong desire of a person to know his Lord and become closer to him.

The ways of the Lord are inscrutable

There is a lot of interest in the debate about how God does things. Each person understands his work in his own way. People understand even the words from the Bible in different ways, they try to find hidden meanings between the lines and find those truths that suit only them, let alone actions. In this matter, it is worth paying tribute to the words of Al Pacino:

As a child, I prayed to God for a bike… then I realized that God works differently… I stole a bike and began to pray to God for forgiveness.

Of course, in this quote about God, the great actor went too far with sarcasm. But if you think about it, then in some ways he is right - material things do not fall from the sky. In the same way, a person cannot wake up in the morning bold, strong and wise. People improve in the process of life, the more they overcome obstacles, the stronger they become.

Therefore, you need to be more careful when making wishes, because they can come true. If we assume that the quote: “God sees and hears everything” is an indestructible axiom, then before speaking, complaining and asking for something, you need to think a hundred times. God will help, but his methods are unlikely to please anyone. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that God never gave her what she asked for, but at the same time she received whatshe needed:

I asked for strength - and God sent me tests to harden me.

I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to wrestle with.

I asked for courage - and God sent me danger.

I asked for love - and God sent the unfortunate who need my help.

I asked for blessings - and God gave me opportunities.

Many people think that if they believe in God, they will get what they want. Yes, indeed, they can achieve any goal, but for this they will need to make an effort. Circumstances will turn out favorably in a person's life, new opportunities will appear that can be usefully used.

buddha in the garden

Of course, there will be obstacles to overcome with dignity. And only thanks to these events a person will be able to achieve what he wants. Here is what Muhammad Ali had to say about this:

God will not put a burden on a person's shoulders that this person cannot bear.

Every obstacle a person encounters is surmountable. There is no computer game that cannot be beaten, and there is no problem that cannot be solved. This simple truth needs to be remembered by every person once and for all: no matter what happens, he will cope. It just takes a little more effort and time sometimes.

Faith and Science

Religion is also not alien to scientists. Only many of them do not believe that God is able to reward and punish, they do not believe that this is a personified entity.They do not believe that a person needs religion and fear of heavenly punishment for decent behavior. Behavior should be based on education, empathy and self-respect, religion plays no role in this regard.

To put it simply, scientists did not so much diminish the power of the divine essence as they tried to logically indicate its true place and purpose in this world. Those who were far from science made religion the basis of everything, even those things that exist without its intervention, but depend solely on human sanity. The quotes of scientists about God only confirm these assumptions.

Albert Einstein:

What you read about my religious beliefs is, of course, a lie. Lies that are systematically repeated. I do not believe in God as a person and have never hidden it, but expressed it very clearly. If there is anything in me that can be called religious, then it is undoubtedly the boundless admiration for the structure of the universe insofar as science reveals it. The idea of ​​a personified deity has never been close to me and seems rather naive.

Paul Dirac:

If not to prevaricate, and this is the duty of a scientist, then it must be recognized that religions express clearly false statements for which there is no justification in reality. After all, the very concept of "God" is already a product of human imagination … I do not see that the recognition of the existence of an omnipotent God somehow helps us … If in our time someone else preaches religion, it is not at all because religious ideas continue to convince us;no, at the heart of everything lies the desire to calm the people, ordinary people. Calm people are easier to manage than restless and dissatisfied ones. They are also easier to use or operate. Religion is a kind of opium that is given to the people to lull them with sweet fantasies, thus consoling them about the injustices that oppress them.

Lev Davidovich Landau:

There is practically no major physicist who is not an atheist. Of course, their atheism is not militant in nature, but quietly coexists with the most benevolent attitude towards religion.

Stephen Hawking

Hawking's quotes about God take on a peculiar meaning. In many ways, he criticized what is written in the Bible. In particular, he did not believe that the universe was created by God. In addition, there is no need for a divine being, because just as fire can burn on its own, so the universe can function on its own. Stephen Hawking did not believe in God, in the God that Christianity speaks of. But he was interested in the laws of the universe, and if it could be called God, then he was definitely the most important believer:

God couldn't create the universe in seven days because he didn't have time, because there was no time before the Big Bang.
Because there is a force like gravity, the universe could and created herself out of nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason why the universe exists, why we exist. There is no need for God in order to "light" the fire and make the universe work.
Perhaps I believe in God, if underGod you mean the embodiment of those forces that govern the universe.

What a person cannot appreciate

Arguments about God will go on forever. But in fact, His presence or absence does not play a big role when a person does not know how to appreciate the small joys of life. It is not difficult to pick up as an example those who take for the soul, with the meaning of a quote about God. Here is a quote from Johnny Welch:

If the Lord God gave me a little life, I probably wouldn't say everything I think; I would think more about what I say.

I would value things not by their value, but by their significance. I would sleep less, dream more, knowing that every minute with my eyes closed is the loss of sixty seconds of light.

I would walk when others abstain, I would wake up when others were sleeping, I would listen when others were talking.

And how I would enjoy chocolate ice cream!

If the Lord gave me a little life, I would dress simply, rise with the first ray of the sun, exposing not only the body, but also the soul.

My God, if I had some more time, I would paint under the stars like Van Gogh, dream while reading Benedetti's poetry, and Serra's song would be my moonlight serenade.

My God, if I had a little life… I wouldn't go a day without telling the people I love that I love them. I would convince every woman and every man that I love them, I would live in love with love.

I would prove to people how wrong they are in thinking that when they grow old they stop loving: on the contrary, they grow old becausestop loving!

I would give a child wings and teach him to fly myself.

I would teach old people that death comes not from old age, but from oblivion.

Sometimes people are extremely difficult to understand. They can argue for hours about whether there is a God or not, but not notice how ingloriously their life is slipping through their fingers. A constantly grumbling human centipede scurries through the streets of a faceless city, offering prayers to heaven and cursing at the same time everything that exists. They believe in God, but too blindly, so blindly that their faith turns into resentment and bitterness.

council of the gods

Drowning in the darkness of blind and weak-willed faith, a person performs standard actions and does not notice anything around. But so many things are left unattended. When the first flowers appear on apricot trees, they look like stars against the background of the night sky. Stars that you can touch and smell. You can look at flowering trees forever.

The smell of lilacs and freshly cut grass, the taste of chocolate milk, swallows scurrying under the azure dome of the sky… The first spring shower, the joy of long-awaited meetings, the smiles of friends… Traveling to other cities and countries, interesting books, exciting adventures, unforgettable emotions from balloon rides… This is just a small list of those things that a person considers ordinary and do not require attention. If there is a God, then he definitely lives in the beauty of the world around him, in the joyful smiles of friends and the happy laughter of loved ones.

Each of the existing religions preaches its ideals, each god createsown rules. But if God is the one who created man in his image and likeness, wouldn't he want his creations to be happy?!


If God is light, then in opposition to him there must be darkness, which everyone calls the devil. And now people believe in him much more willingly.

Ann Rice:

People are more willing to believe in the Devil than in God and goodness. I don't know why… Maybe the answer is simple: it's much easier to do evil. You don't have to see a demon with your own eyes to believe it exists.

Besides, all your missteps can be blamed on the devil, saying that the demon beguiled. The existence of the devil is very convenient for a person, because he can be called the culprit of all misfortunes. At least most aphorisms and quotes about the devil and God say that Satan is the axis of evil.

Jean Cocteau:

The devil is pure, for he can do nothing but evil.

Charles Baudelaire:

The devil's most sophisticated trick is to convince you he doesn't exist!

Fyodor Dostoyevsky:

If the devil does not exist and, therefore, man created him, then he created him in his own image and likeness.

Teresa of Avila:

I'm much more afraid of people who are overly afraid of the devil than the devil himself, especially if these people are confessors.

Pierre Henri Holbach:

The devil, in any case, is no less necessary for the clergy than God.

If you do not take into account the fact that the devil is the embodiment of evil, since his actions do not correspond to religious dogmas, then he cancall him a great humanist.

god and devil

After all, only he is ready to support the most stupid human idea and bring it to life.

- Is it better to reign in Hell than serve in heaven? - Why not? Here on earth, I have been immersed in her cares since the creation of the World, I welcomed every novelty that a person dreamed of getting, I helped him in everything and never condemned. Moreover, I never rejected him, despite all his shortcomings; I am fanatically in love with a man; I am a humanist, perhaps the last one on Earth. Who will deny, unless he is out of his mind, that the twentieth century was exclusively mine!

On the other hand, it is worth considering the relationship of man to the devil. If he has not fallen deeply into the depths of religion, then in the soul of every person there lives a Faustian striving for an infinite breadth of life. And in this aspiration, the devil simply cannot be an enemy, since he offers what God forbids.

The eternal confrontation between good and evil, heaven and hell, God and the devil, faith and unbelief - this is the reality that man has created for himself. We are content with little, take what is written at face value, and do not want to find our own answers. Can't even answer the question of whether God really exists.

In general, the general meaning of statements and quotes about God and faith, with the meaning of which it is difficult to disagree, conveys information about the existence of good and evil forces in the world. For us, this is more than enough. If it is already determined what is good and what is bad, then everything in the world is on its own.locations.

Book in the light

What if we make the assumption that good and evil as absolute forces do not exist. There is life, there is information, there is the energy of the Universe and the choice of a person who determines what is good and what is bad?! Then people will have to blame themselves for all their failures and mistakes, but for many this is simply unthinkable. Therefore, there is a religion, God and the devil, so that a person has the opportunity to push his guilt onto someone and ask for help.

A person is obliged to believe in something, such is his nature. It does not matter whether he chose the preached God as his associates or became interested in astrological forecasts. If it helps him make decisions and gives him direction in this rebellious world, then he made the right choice.

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