Outfit in the army is not a punishment, but the fulfillment of all one's obligations

Outfit in the army is not a punishment, but the fulfillment of all one's obligations
Outfit in the army is not a punishment, but the fulfillment of all one's obligations

Contrary to popular belief, the outfit in the army is not only a punishment, but measures that ensure the safety of important objects, military equipment, and the safety of military personnel. For delinquent soldiers, there are separate ways of teaching discipline. These include cleaning work and outfits in the kitchen. Let's take a closer look at the job responsibilities of the personnel.

Concept and variety

In accordance with the decree, all soldiers undergoing military or contract service, cadets and officers have specific duties, among which there are outfits. The order appeared in 2007. It follows from it that the outfit in the army is the implementation and fulfillment of all obligations that are spelled out in the order.

army outfit is

There are several types of outfits:

  1. Work order.
  2. Outfit for the day.
  3. Garrison Outfit.
  4. Object guard.
  5. Combat duty.

Necessary clarification: a soldier serving and having committed someor a violation or fault, may be sent to an extraordinary order. Most often this happens after failure to fulfill the obligations prescribed in the Charter.

Work order

Its duration is 4 hours and cannot be longer. At this time, military personnel perform various types of work. They can take place both in the unit itself and in the auxiliary, agricultural, kitchen or harvesting area. A soldier for this type of performance of duties is allowed only at certain times, free from combat or training activities.


Such an outfit in the army is a patrol. In other words, the protection of order, the defense of objects, as well as the control of movement in the entrusted territory. Includes:

  • On duty.
  • Assistant.
  • Patrols and guards
  • Duty unit.
  • VAI patrol posts.

This type of outfit is assigned 24 hours before its entry. Commanders bear full responsibility for personnel, their selection, training and readiness. A monthly statement is compiled, which is signed by the head of the garrison. Before taking up duties, the officer on duty receives a sheet with passwords, and the heads of patrols receive certificates.

Daily outfit in the army

This type of performance of duties is similar to the garrison, but does not have access to the territory of the unit. The main task is to ensure internal order, the safety of the train and the protection of equipment with weapons, premises and property. The duration is 24 hours. The following soldiers are released from training.

daytime dress in the army


On duty

- On the shelf with an assistant.

- By the canteen with the workers.

- Headquarters.

- According to the company.

  • Duty unit.
  • Daily in the park.
  • Sentry.
  • Fire outfit.
  • Daily.

Combat duty

Used to solve assigned combat missions. It takes place at training grounds during the movement of military personnel, as well as in military conditions. Such an outfit in the army is military service.

how long does it take to be in the army

It is carried out by duty forces, as well as by means that are supplied from different types of aircraft. They include combat crews, ships and aircraft on duty at control and maintenance points.

During duty, the commander is responsible for the fulfillment of assigned tasks. The composition of forces, the degree of readiness, the order and duration are determined by order in accordance with the Charter, order and directives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Persons who have not taken an oath and have not mastered the necessary training program, are sick and have committed serious offenses are not allowed to be on duty.


Definitely answer the question "How long does an outfit last in the army?" impossible. There are many types of performance duties that take different amounts of time. The work order takes 4 hours, the daily allowance lasts 24 hours, and the protection and defense of the territory and warehouses (object guard) - 12 hours.

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