The most popular waterfalls of Altai: beauty and strength

The most popular waterfalls of Altai: beauty and strength
The most popular waterfalls of Altai: beauty and strength

There are few places on earth that can compete in beauty with Altai - the true jewel of Siberia. Nature has created real splendor here. How much strength, power and greatness carry amazing mountain peaks, crowned with snow-white caps! How many secrets and surprises are stored in the waterfalls of Altai! It is worth just one look at this unique beauty, and it will remain in your soul forever.

Variety of cascades

Waterfalls of Altai are considered one of the most amazingly beautiful places that the region is rich in. Powerful streams of water falling from a height are simply mesmerizing. The heart skips a beat when looking at this magnificence.

Altai waterfalls

Waterfalls of Altai are amazingly diverse. Each of them differs from their counterparts in height and power. Almost everyone has their own legend that touches the soul.

Some of them fall from a small height and quickly dissolve in placers of stones. Rumble of othersspread over many thousands of meters. Experts call Uchar the largest and most spectacular cascade in Altai. A roaring stream of water falls from a height of 160 meters. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to see these waterfalls:

  • Chedor;
  • Spartacus;
  • Tekelu;
  • Estube;
  • Muekhtinsky;
  • Che-Chkysh;
  • "Forty Sins";
  • Kuiguk;
  • Peshchersky;
  • Aurora;
  • Yermulinsky;
  • Beltertuyuk;
  • Vucharakh;
  • Kishte;
  • Ayu-kechpes;
  • Korbu.

And this is not a complete list of Altai waterfalls. Their popularity and the beauty of the surroundings are completely independent of the height of the fall of the water. So if you have free time, visit them all - you won't regret it!

And girlish tears will shed…

One of the most beautiful and most visited places by tourists is the Maiden's Tears waterfall. Altai is rich in charming legends, and one of them is also associated with this place.

waterfall girl's tears Altai

The beginning of the 17th century in this area was marked by the fall of the Dzungar Khanate. A large number of raids were made on Oirotia (Altai), local residents were driven into slavery or simply died in unequal battles. On one of these raids, a girl named Shiralu, along with her little brother, tried to run away and hide in the mountains. Fleeing from their pursuers, they ended up on the edge of a cliff. Not wanting a slave life, the sister and brother rushed down and crashed. Since that time, a small cascade has been flowing almost vertically from the mountains in this place, like a bitter tear.on the beauty's cheek. There is a belief among local residents that a girl who washed her face with water flowing from stones will never know grief and tears.

Shirlak (as this cascade is called differently) has a height of only 10 meters. Its fullness is not constant and depends on how much snow has fallen during the winter. However, this does not prevent him from being one of the most beautiful places in the region.

Cheremshansky waterfall - the invisible beauty of Altai

This cascade is one of the smallest and most inconspicuous sights of the region. Cheremshansky waterfall in Altai is located in a small gorge near the village of Cheremshanka. Not everyone manages to find it on their own, because there are simply no pointers. But the locals are happy to show the way to attentive and inquisitive tourists.

Cheremshansky waterfall has a height of no more than five meters and for a sophisticated tourist it may seem uninteresting. But if you are traveling with children and do not want to scare them with huge "monsters", then for the first acquaintance with such a concept as a waterfall, Cheremshansky is the best fit.

Cheremshansky waterfall Altai


This cascade can be found on the left bank of the Katun River, just two hundred meters from the picturesque Kamyshly. The Altai Kamyshlinsky waterfall is also not too high, only six meters. A surprisingly beautiful two-stage flow flows here. The surroundings of the waterfall are incredibly popular, it's hard not to meet a curious tourist here.

Most of the visitors are happy to see the main ledge. Nearthere is a rather wide wooden bridge, where you can practically swim in a million silver splashes. The most daring can even plunge into the stream. If you wish, you can work hard and climb higher. It offers an unforgettable view of the upper cascade, adding even more amazing sensations.

Although the Kamyshli waterfall is not too big, it is not impressive in size. People come here to enjoy the amazing harmony created by nature itself, to touch the wild primordial beauty. There are many tourists here in winter. During this period, the cascade freezes and, sparkling in the sun, immerses the viewer in a magical ice fairy tale.

kamyshlinsky waterfall

You probably already understood that the beauty and popularity of Altai cascades do not depend on size. Each of them is truly unique. The almost virgin nature surrounding the waterfalls makes them even more unique and mysterious.

If you have never been to the Altai Mountains and are just planning a trip, try to see as much as possible. After all, no waterfall is like another, and each of them will forever remain in your heart.

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