Marla Seeley: biography, books, reviews and quotes

Marla Seeley: biography, books, reviews and quotes
Marla Seeley: biography, books, reviews and quotes

Flylady Marla Scilly recommends that everyone - both housewives and working ladies - get a timer. Firstly, to spend no more than 15 minutes on daily cleaning, and secondly, knowing that work time is limited, women will not be distracted around, and this will help them focus.

Why do most women feel that cleaning time is wasted?

Fly lady Marla Scilly, the author of the ideal system for putting things in order in the house, believes that the reasons for the lack of interest in such an activity as cleaning lie in its monotony (monotony) and the fragility of the results achieved, as well as the need to breathe dust and harmful fumes from detergents and cleaners.

Also, cleaning is too time-consuming, especially when dealing with so-called "difficult" dirt.

Marla Seeley sees the solution to the problem in a systematic approach, which should be preceded by the fight against the following obstacles:

The main obstacle is psychological. Only by abolishing this "footboard" underWith the name "victim's syndrome", which the subconscious substitutes for her, a woman will be able, with a clear conscience, in a good mood and on a full "automatic" to combine professional activities with routine household duties

An equally important obstacle Marla considers is the painful condition that overcomes a woman who is faced with the fact of the inevitability of a total cleansing of the family nest. Flylady urges the women of the planet to simply abandon exhausting and lengthy general cleaning, replacing it with short-term, but daily cleaning

Marla Seeley: how to clean up the house

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According to Marla Seeley herself, she has already built a whole methodological system, having mastered which, women will be able to do much less housework every day and spend less time cleaning.

Marla Seeley considers the first step towards freedom to be getting rid of home space from unnecessary junk. In every home, according to the flylady, there are things that are easier to throw away than weekly dust off and put back in place. How do you know that this item is not needed? If it has not been used for a year, then it will never be useful to the owners.

By completing the clutter program, the “flying housewife” believes a woman will be able to reduce the time she needs to clean up every day to 15 minutes. Marla devotes her minutes to washing corners and closed areas - shelves filled with household items and space hidden under cabinets and sofas. At first glance, it might seem that15 minutes is too short, but when a short daily cleaning becomes a habit, this time will be enough.

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The next flylady's rule is: "Don't give dust and dirt a chance", that is, have time to clean up before pollution has formed. Marla Seeley considers the ability to clean “on autopilot” to be an important skill.

In addition to the daily 15-minute cleaning, there is another one - a weekly hourly cleaning. The weekly cleaning, which consists of changing bed linen and surface cleaning of the home area, the flylady came up with a very beautiful name: "blessing the house." Surface cleaning Marla calls the cleaning of those areas of the home that are in plain sight.

Biography of Marla Seeley

Marla Seeley makes no secret of the fact that she herself was once one of the housewives who experienced a nervous breakdown whenever it became necessary to receive guests or, even worse, her husband's relatives. The cause of the shock was always home chaos - mountains of unnecessary junk, from which, as it seemed to Marla, there was no escape.

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To get out of the situation, Marla Seeley was helped by the authors of the book "From the barn to heaven" - Pam Young and Peggy Jones. Every day, step by step, she won a new small victory over herself and domestic chaos, and having got out of her own chaos, she wanted to help other women overcome by similar problems.

"Smile always! Marla teaches her followers, - Can't you? Force yourself! This iscontagious … And pamper yourself! You deserve it!”

My first book called The Flying Housewife. Reflections at the Kitchen Sink, Marla wrote in 2007, and a year later, teaming up with Lynn Ely, the flylady published The Flying Housewife. Body junk.”

The book “Flylady School. How to put things in order in the house and in life”was released in 2014.

According to the reviews of the fair sex, changes occur just a few days after the first "flight".

Where to start?

What should a hostess of a cluttered dwelling do who, after reading the advice of a "flying housewife", does not know what to grasp first of all? Marla suggests cleaning all the sinks to a shine. “Keep your shell clean and shiny,” says one of her commandments. A flylady calls a shell polished to a shine a kind of indicator of the love that a woman has for herself.

marla sillie how to clean up the house

As you know, it is a rare undertaking that Americans do without a success magazine. The American Flylady is no exception. Moreover, the institution of a beautiful, bright notebook Marla considers a necessary condition. Moreover, the notebook should be beautiful not only from the outside, but also from the inside: capacious, motivating quotes, beautiful thematic pictures, ticks set in colored ink…

Having taken care of the order in the house, in no case should you forget about your beloved. “Do something for yourself every day. Every morning and every evening,” is one of her commandments. Daily beauty guidanceMarla begins with morning routines, the obligatory application of make-up and dressing in beautiful, comfortable home clothes. The highlight of the “flying housewife” home outfit is shoes with laces. Flylady calls shoelaces an indispensable attribute that nullifies the possibility of an unplanned vacation.

What are routines?

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Routines are part of the original slang, the author of which is Marla Seeley. The Flying Housewife refers to routines as actions that women have to repeat so often that they are done automatically. For example: daily cleaning of toilets and sinks. The more routines a woman has, the more opportunities she has to reduce the time allotted for cleaning to a few seconds and do without the use of strong household chemicals.

Doing cleaning subconsciously, along with other household chores, is another trick in the flylady's arsenal. A lot of routine duties, she believes, can be done little by little. For example, sending freshly soiled personal items to the launderer, and so on.

Hot spots apartments

This is what Marla Seeley calls places that need constant care. These, according to the “flying housewife”, include, for example, a computer desk, on which a mug of unfinished coffee, papers and magazines regularly appear. To restore order in "hot spots" (in her books, Marla calls them hotspots), the flylady advises to allocate no more than five minutes a day.

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