Angelina Jolie without makeup: what does Brad Pitt's wife look like without the help of make-up artists and makeup artists?

Angelina Jolie without makeup: what does Brad Pitt's wife look like without the help of make-up artists and makeup artists?
Angelina Jolie without makeup: what does Brad Pitt's wife look like without the help of make-up artists and makeup artists?

Angelina Jolie today is not just a world-famous actress and a handsome husband who not only shares her passion for the profession, but also helps to endure a difficult operation, and raising children, and the desire to make the world a better place.

Jolie as a symbol of America

For the USA and the whole world, Jolie - the embodiment of femininity, sexuality, naturalness - is no secret that the plump lips of the actress, exciting the hearts of both men and women (who bring millions of dollars to plastic clinics), are bestowed by nature, and beauty and slender the figure of a mother with many children is emphasized by the correct toilet and a minimum of cosmetics. Every girl can look like a million dollars with a team of world-class super-makeup artists, but few can have a natural attractiveness. What does Angelina Jolie look like without makeup? And what needs to be done to feel and look just as confident, sexy and elegant at her age?

Angelina Jolie without makeup and photoshop

To guess when the stars will "come out" in their not the best form - the dream of photographers and paparazzi. Angelina Jolie without makeup at 41 almost never appears in gossip columns. And all not because the appearance of the actress is notallows you to show your "true face". The fact is that, like a real woman, she always prefers to keep herself in good shape and not let annoying paparazzi film herself and her family at the most inopportune moment.

Like most media personalities, the actress, in the absence of cosmetics, uses a "rescue trick" in the form of sunglasses - stars wear them on the street, in cafes, on an airplane, and at concerts, and giving interviews about their new movies and roles.

Angelina Jolie without makeup

Angelina Jolie looks dignified without makeup and sunglasses, and she is no longer a young actress, only gaining popularity with directors and viewers, who is trying to "hook" with her "natural face and body", catch luck and become a star.

angelina jolie without makeup and photoshop

For Jolie, family comes first and her duties as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, which she performs with a warm heart and generous donations (the case of going out on the red carpet in a dress for $ 30, in which Angelina looked like a prom queen, has already almost a legend).

Angelina with and without makeup: photo

And yet, no matter how hard the stars try to hide from the camera lenses, the prices for rare shots in their not the most favorable light are akin to roy alties. Both paparazzi and journalists vying with each other crowd near the private properties of actors and singers, in the hope that one of them will "goof off" and show himself in home "training pants" and without makeup.

angelina jolie without makeup

Despite the natural beauty and photogenic, everyone has bad photos, and Angelina Jolie (without makeup) is no exception. When the information with an unsuccessful picture nevertheless leaked to the press, the stars have no choice but to accept their fate and endure the ridicule of readers and viewers who rejoice at their "imperfection", or demand compensation for moral and (possible material) damage from unauthorized shooting or disclosure of their personal information. The latter, in particular, mobile phones, is the main problem of "information leakage" after the paparazzi and acquaintances. The phone of D. Lawrence (Oscar-winning star of the Hunger Games), which was hacked by hackers, posting racy photos of the actress on the Web, is proof of this.

Modern creativity of the actress

After working together with her husband in the tape of her own production "Côte d'Azur", films with her participation were not released. Filming is currently underway to create the 2nd part of Maleficent, in which she plays an eccentric sorceress. The film was a hit with all generations.

Now filming is not so important - the actress "traditionally" takes part in the dubbing of animation masterpieces - the audience is happy to go to cartoon films, Angelina Jolie, together with other famous actors, inspire them with confidence. Animated films with her participation were released in 2010, 2011 and 2016.

But the popularity of the actress was not broughtvoice acting and charity, and the sexy Lara Croft, who became a cult heroine and opened the world to a new star who still shines in the Hollywood sky - an eternally beautiful actress and her wonderful films. Angelina Jolie, as the tomb raider who unraveled the mysteries of humanity, debunked the myth that women can't be commercially successful in the adventure genre.

Jolie in her youth and now

Photos of a beautiful young 14-year-old model have been known to everyone for a long time, but what did Angelina Jolie look like without makeup and photoshop a few years later? How much has she changed?

After forty everything starts all over again, but youth, alas, cannot be returned. Now Angelina Jolie has lost weight (according to Brad Pitt, she weighed a little over 40 kg at her worst time and was on the verge of a breakdown) after suffering he alth problems and has visibly aged, but still she looks great.

angelina jolie lost weight

Now the actress has wrinkles, and the smile is not so often and widely shines on her face - but after everything she has experienced (removal of the mammary glands, stress), she still looks well-groomed, dresses tastefully and does not strive for bare your body to the maximum (like 70% of the stars).

angelina jolie today

The secrets of the look in the style of Angelina

To look stylish and sophisticated, you can have millions in fees and a "retinue" of makeup artists and hairdressers who will bring any image to perfection. Or you can choose a more democratic path and follow the example of Angelina, who is also onred carpet and looks flawless at a charity meeting.

How does she do it?

angelina jolie movies

Minimum makeup - only the essentials: peach lip gloss, sun protection foundation and mascara. Manicure - natural and not bright, simple and uncomplicated hairstyle, self-confidence, love in the eyes and strength of mind - the hallmark of a great actress and mother.

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