International Men's Day in Russia

International Men's Day in Russia
International Men's Day in Russia

People are slowly forgetting history. On the day when really defenders were congratulated, including women liable for military service, now they give gifts to just all the representatives of the stronger sex. But which days are women's, which are men's? What is the correct date for congratulations?

Gender Holidays

The tradition of congratulating each other simply on belonging to the opposite sex did not arise from scratch. The original meaning of these holidays was completely different. Thus, the modern International Women's Day originated from the date when feminists celebrated the day of solidarity in the struggle for rights and emancipation. It all started with a strike of textile workers in 1857, when workers protested against unbearable working conditions and demanded higher wages. And if this holiday, having undergone many changes and having lost its warlike meaning, is now considered very common, then male counterparts are not so popular and not all of them have such serious historical background.

International holidays for men

The date of November 19 can be considered fully analogous to March 8. For 15 years this day has been celebrated as the Internationalmen's Day. This holiday was established by the UN, but so far it is not so popular.

Surprisingly, International Men's Day aims to draw public attention to the problem of gender discrimination against the stronger sex. It may sound strange, but the feminists who are pushing for equal rights for women in some countries have succeeded so much that, one might say, the oppression of men has begun. In addition, every year the most relevant topic is chosen for the holiday. The day can be devoted to men's he alth and psychological well-being or a positive role in the family and society. In general, gender holidays are necessary so that people remember that the basic rights of different sexes should be equal.

More and more it is said that a woman can provide for a family if she is good at it, and a man can take care of the children and the household. In some countries, young dads may well get paid parental leave. Of course, all this could have been implemented before,

what days are men's

however, not so many years ago, the decision on such a division of roles caused surprise and even public censure. Now it can be accepted as normal. At the same time, of course, there is no talk of an artificial change in gender roles, each family has the right to freely make such decisions and seek their respect.

Even in the event of a divorce, in some countries men can be given the right to have children with them if the court deems it best. Previously in practice, suchthe cases were rare - in Russia it is still almost impossible to challenge the guardianship of the mother, unless there are serious reasons.

Originated in Trinidad and Tobago, the tradition of celebrating this holiday has so far spread to only a small number of countries. But since it first appeared only in 1999, there is hope that men's day will soon gain popularity along with women's.

History of the holiday

The idea that the stronger sex also needs its own day, by analogy with women, sounded back in the middle of the 20th century, but things didn’t go beyond talk. Finally, in the 90s, on the initiative of Professor Thomas Oaster from the USA, who worked in

Men's Day

Institute for Men's Studies, some events were held, they took place in February. But the tradition did not take root.

International Men's Day, as it is known today, was established at the initiative of Jerome Tiluxinghe of the University of the West Indies. November 19 was taken because his father was born on that day, whom he believed was a great role model.

In different countries, the celebration takes place in different ways. The figures differ in different sources, but some minimal events dedicated to men are held on November 19 in about 60 countries in Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia. In Russia, this holiday also exists, but there is also its own. In some other states, there are also special dates, which, although established for a different purpose, gradually transformed into "Men's Day".


In many countries there were and continue to celebrate holidays,

international men's day

dedicated to men and their role in society. For example, there is World Men's Day, established on the initiative of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. It is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in November. But still not very popular.

In many countries, the main men's day is a holiday that initially did not apply to all members of the stronger sex. Over time, he gained a modern role and popularity. This is Father's Day, which is popular in a large number of countries - from the USA and Canada to China and Thailand. Dates vary - in some places it is June and July, and somewhere in March or May. Like Mother's Day, this is a very popular holiday. And on this holiday, even those who have not yet become fathers due to their youth are congratulated. Just because they are still support and support for delicate women.

which days are women's which are men's

And in Iceland, for example, there is a spouse's day - it is celebrated on January 19 and the next Friday after it. In Mongolia, mid-July is Nadom - the day of the warrior. All men from the age of six take part in this holiday. Still, with such a warlike past of the country, it would be strange if the history of the holiday belonged to some other area. There is a similar men's day in Russia. Initially, its role was completely different, but now it has transformed into the main holiday of the stronger sex.

Defender of the Fatherland Day

ThisThe holiday was established in 1922 and originally had a completely different name. It was the "Day of the Red Army and Navy", that is, it was dedicated to military personnel. Later, it was renamed several times, and finally acquired a modern name, at the same time somewhat losing its military connotation.

male days of the week

Perhaps, the proximity of the holiday on March 8 influenced, but it was on February 23 that for some reason it began to be unofficially perceived as the main men's day in Russia and a number of countries of the former USSR. It is at this time that women give gifts to their spouses and friends, congratulate colleagues. In addition, since 2002, this day has officially become a non-working day, like March 8. And although this holiday is already gradually losing its original meaning, its renaming is not planned, and this is probably the right decision, because all representatives of the stronger sex are potential defenders of the motherland and women. And although February 23 is not an international men's day, it is much more popular in the CIS.

Professional holidays

world men's day

If it seems that honoring men only for their gender is not enough, then it makes sense to celebrate their knowledge and skills. Professional holidays are quite popular in Russia, and although there are practically no official large-scale events, in a narrow circle you can always congratulate dear people and let them know how valuable and loved they are.


Whatever the name of this holiday, in many countries there are different traditions for its celebration. For example, toFather's Day in English-speaking countries, especially in the USA, is treated very reverently - children prepare gifts, those who study at colleges or work away from their families try to escape to their hometown at least for a couple of days.

And in Germany, on a similar holiday, men gather with their company and do their favorite things - fishing, playing football or going out with a picnic to nature - there are a huge number of options. The only condition is

men's day in russia

no wives and girls.

In Italy men are given wine on this day. It’s impossible to seriously celebrate, because this date has ceased to be officially a holiday, but before that it was a day off. Women on this holiday do not skimp on compliments and souvenirs to others.

In esotericism

Among fortune-tellers and those who are engaged in conspiracies, love spells and other similar things, there is a division of some procedures. There is even such a thing as women's and men's days of the week. The reception of people by fortunetellers and the reading of conspiracies should directly depend on the gender of those who ask and the purpose of the action. So, what days are men's? It is traditionally believed that these include Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and the second, respectively, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. This means that a woman who wants to attract good luck should read the plot on her day, and if her goal is to find a groom, then in a man's.


Despite the fact that gender roles have become highly conventional in recent decades, people still need to remember who they are without opposing themselvesthe opposite sex. Women and men need each other and complement each other. And it is necessary to remember this always, and not only on the days of gender holidays. After all, you can and should give your halves warmth, care and love all the time, and not just in honor of some memorable date.

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