Lady Gaga's unusual outfits: princess or monster, outrageous images of inspiration

Lady Gaga's unusual outfits: princess or monster, outrageous images of inspiration
Lady Gaga's unusual outfits: princess or monster, outrageous images of inspiration

She was born in New York on March 28, 1986 - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, today known to fans of rock music as Lady Gaga.

The singer took her stage name from a song by Queen Radio Ga Ga. Modeling her own image on the example of such kings of the scene as David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, New York Dolls, Grace Slick, she created a unique and unique character.

The outfits of Lady Gaga look impressive in the photo, but in life it is even more amazing. Below you can see the image of the singer at the presentation of the song Bad Romance. Notice the crab tentacle shoes.

bad romance

Lady Gaga's style is an integral part of her artist personality

Vocal-singing singer-songwriter and glam rock performance artist is known for her costumes and rousing songs against the backdrop of a theatrical synthesis with stunning sound and visual effects.

Succeeding with songs like Just dance, Poker Face, Bad romances, she became a six-timethe winner of the highest music award "Grammy" and won the "Oscar" for the best song in the film "A Star Is Born".

But Lady Gaga's outfits are best known to the public. The first performances of the singer were accompanied by tiny bodysuits, stunning wigs, huge heels and platforms. The extravaganza of costumes with wings, halos and pyrotechnic bras is remembered for a long time. And how can you forget her outrageous meat dress? It left no one indifferent.

meat dress

Anti-fashion music night

Before 2010, when Lady Gaga's meat outfit was shown, she had already shown a bacon bikini in a photo for the Japanese edition of Vogue magazine.

And at the evening of awarding musicians and performers from the MTV Video 2010 Music Awards, the singer accepted the award for the video of the year in a meat suit. Although it was Lady Gaga's third outfit of the evening (pictured above) in front of the audience, the dress was a bombshell and was described as the "most outrageous fashion show" of the evening. The audience was really shocked.

Dress creator Frank Fernandez believes that it was Lady Gaga's outfits, and in particular the meat set, that turned his career around, gave his own voice in the fashion world. For the singer, he also designed the hat she wore at the Grammys in 2011, as well as a number of other costumes for concerts and ceremonies.

The further history of the dress is as follows: after special processing, it was exhibited in the Hall of Fame and Museumrock and roll in 2011.

This dress, according to the Fashion and Times polls, is considered an iconic outfit, the main fashion statement of 2010.

Full houses and Fame Monster

At the end of 2010, Lady Gaga was recognized as the most commercially successful person with a sold-out concert tour. The tour was launched to prepare the public for the release of the new Fame Monster album.

At the same time as the tour, Lady Gaga headlined Chicago's Lollapalooza festival and performed in front of a record 20,000 audience on the NBC show.

She was named one of the most famous women of 2010 and received the title of "Artist of the Year".

Lady Gaga's outfit changed several times at the 2011 Grammy Awards. First, arriving at the ceremony in a giant egg, then no less exotic costumes.

After all, at the ceremony she was a contender for other awards: for the best pop vocal for Fame Monster and the best short video for the song Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga's Grammy looks looked cosmic: see-through spirals and gravity-defying heels.

Grammy Award

White Star Lady

While creating music, the singer, along with her Haus of Gaga creative team, also created her own sexually charged fashion.

Lady Gaga's outfits are replete with dazzling and fantastical wigs, space age bodysuits, eclectic past and present.

Singer Born This Way's third album features a singer who looks back to earliermusical eras in search of inspiration. This is the main difference from the first two: Fame and Fame Monster.

Often critics have compared the provocative blonde pop singer Lady Gaga to Madonna.

charming Lady Gaga

And if on the first two singles of the album the similarities were especially pronounced, then the title track became an independent anthem in the style of Madonna 1989 - this is the single Born this way, while Judas mixes sexual and religious symbols and images recklessly. Both songs quickly became hits.

Well, who doesn't know her…

Perhaps so many style changes few people can achieve in a lifetime, Lady Gaga has managed a lot. Through her constant reinvention of art, she has pushed the boundaries of fashion and music throughout her stage career.

Whether she's heading to a kid's party in a pink cowherd hat or donning haute couture for the streets, Lady Gaga does it all with confidence and passion, putting an end to her killer heels.

It only means that in recent years, the singer, without losing her unbridled style, has risen a notch above the previous level, preferring modest dresses and hairstyles in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

Lady Gaga wore a so-called latex dress to the royal reception.

Gaga latex dress

In 2019, the star appeared at the Oscars in a black Alexander McQueen silk phallus bustier dress with engineered corset seam and long black leathergloves.

The star's outfit was completed with a necklace with the world's most famous yellow diamond. Only two women before Lady Gaga have been honored to wear this stone in its 144 years of existence.

The yellow diamond was first worn by Mary Sheldon Whitehouse at the 1957 Tiffany Ball. In 1961, it was Audrey Hepburn's turn to get permission to wear a diamond for publicity photos of her famous role in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Is it any wonder that the appearance on the Oscars red carpet of the singer with a 128-carat Tiffany diamond around her neck made an unforgettable impression.

However, the public, spoiled by the effects of non-standard, is always ready for the fact that Lady Gaga's unusual outfits, inspired by the aesthetics of past years, still appear in her new images.

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