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Organize your Closet

The most important thing to remember to organize your closet is to come up with a solution that makes sense to YOU. If you choose what you are going to wear by color, then use color to divide up your closet. If you choose an outfit by style (ie. casual, dressy, or sporty) then divide your closet up that way. Do you live in an area where the climate changes a lot? Then maybe it makes sense to organize your closet by sensible weather choices – long sleeve dresses vs. short sleeve dresses, light sweaters vs. heavy sweaters etc.

  1. If you have the room, hang it. It is far easier to see things if they are hung. Hang bags and purses by hooks to keep them at eye level.
  2. Fold, don’t hang item that lose shape. Many items like sweaters will lose their shape on a hanger. Hanging canvas shelves allow you to easily access items that can be folded and also save space.
  3. Keep it at eye level. Store the items that you most wear at eye level and the items that you rarely wear tucked into the least visible areas of your closet.
  4. Use the right hangers. Plastic hangers are a big space wasters. Opt for flat hangers for blouses and delicate items. Choose wooden hangers for jackets.
  5. Get creative with containers. Make everyday items into storage containers. Use a painted pegboard to display jewelry or a vintage suitcase at the end of your bed to store sweaters or t-shirts.
  6. Have the proper lighting. If you can’t see in your closet, you won’t be able to find it.


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