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Make your own Fashion Video

  1. Create a storyboard. A storyboard is a series of illustrations to help you organize the flow and timing of your video. It can be as simple as a few sketched boxes containing illustrations, similar to the way a story is told in a comic book.
  2. Find the right beat.Background music is very important to create the right mood. Match the tempo of your music to the tempo of your video. For example, music notesif your video features fast talking with lots of movement and camera angle changes, try an up-tempo rock song. If your video is soft spoken and simpler with the camera not moving, use a slower tempo ballad to create a relaxing feel.

    *TIP: To avoid copyright infringment, use YouTube's Audioswap to access a library of licensed songs.
  3. flowersDon't forget your backdrop. Pin a flowered sheet to the wall for a romantic feel. For a more casual look, try your backyard, a coffee shop, or even your classroom. If you are wearing something busy with lots of patterns than try some simple card stock for a pop of color.
  4. Tag Your Videos. Your video could be unbelievably fabulous, but no one will know it if they can't find you. Youtube allows users to add "tags" or keywords that describe your video so that search engines can find the video. Make sure to use tags that are descriptive and clear.
  5. Be unique. Avoid doing all "haul" videos. That's when you buy a bunch of stuff and critique it. It's hard to stand out doing only this kind of video because it has become so common. Insteaad, accentuate what makes you feel confident snow flakein your video. Maybe you can impart some wisdom on how to play up your wild curly hair or the right dress for your body type. Then give your videos a signature feel by having your own unique intro or sign off. Once you find something that makes you stand out, repeat it so you will be more memorable. For example, Michelle Phan ends all her videos wishing her viewers "Good Luck" followed by a hand drawn heart symbol and signed "Mish."
  6. Ignore the haters. There are always going to be people who say mean things on YouTube's comment section. Trolls never have the courage to say mean things to your face so they hide out in online forums where they can be as nasty and anonymous as they want.



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