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Have your own Runway Show

Now that you know a thing or two about famous fashion rebels, it is time to pull all that fashion savvy together into your very own Runway Show.

  1. Choose a location. You don't need a swanky Paris location to put on a fabulous show. Use your living room, a hallway, backyard, bedroom or any other location that allows you to strut your stuff.
  2. Choose a theme. All good fashion shows set a mood and stick to it. Choose music, lighting, hair and makeup to support one unified theme. Audrey Hepburn My Fair LadySome ideas: Try a Gothic/Vampire theme and dress your models in all black with spiky accessories. Choose a seasonal theme like Winter Wonderland or Summer Vacation. Or even better…pick your favorite fashion icon and dedicate a fashion show to her.
  3. Gather your team. Putting on a fashion show takes a team of people. You will need to select the following:
    Models – whoever knows how to work that catwalk. Pick models of different body types to add some variety and show how different outfits could look on each person. Rehearse with your models so that they know what styles they will be wearing and what order they will be appearing down the runway.
    hairsprayHair and Makeup person – That's the person who creates all the hairstyles and makeup to support the show's theme. For example, if you were to pick a winter theme, the hair and makeup person could add silver glitter to the model's hair.
    Set Designer – The set designer will provide the perfect backdrop to make your show a success. For example, for a winter theme, the set designer could drape the runway with a white sheet, make hanging paper snowflakes, and use tinfoil to sculpt silver decorations to contrast against the white.
    The Stylist – This person who chooses the clothing, shoes, accessories, and bags that makes the show unique. Comb through magazines for shopping tips.
    Photographer – you put all this effort into your show, you want to remember it, right? Pick someone to take photos with a phone or digital camera.
  4. Choose your Audience. Now that you have your runway show planned out, you need an audience to appreciate it. Siblings, friends, pets, parents and any fashion lover will work. Don't forget to provide seating for your audience.


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